9 Things to Say in a Medical School Interview (and Kiss Your Acceptance Goodbye)

My two friends, Yael and Miriam (founders of Admit2Med and professional medical school coaches), strike again and bring you another article on how to get into medical school. Their second article is golden.

If you do not want to get into medical school, learn what to say in your medical school interview. Therefore, avoid saying these in in your next interview!

Without further ado, Yael and Miriam.

Do Not Say These 9 Things in Your Next Interview

1) Why do I want to be a doctor? Wow, I never thought about it before. Everyone gets asked why they want to be a physician. It is the most basic interview question. If you do nothing else to prepare, you should at least think about this question and have a thoughtful answer.

2) Your school is actually my fifth choice. This is just rude! It also means the school would much prefer to accept another applicant that really wants to go there. If a school is not your first choice you should still appear interested and engaged. Think of what you would enjoy about the school and focus on that. Avoid talking about how schools “rank” in your eyes. And instead, talk about the highlights of the school you are visiting and why you would be a good fit there.

3) I forgot I said that on my application. Your interviewer may ask you about something you wrote on your application. It behooves you to at least glance it over before the interview so that the details are fresh in your mind. Otherwise they will wonder if you even wrote your application yourself.

4) I have no outside interests. Medicine is my life. You might think this makes you sound dedicated, but in fact, it makes you sound naive and unbalanced. Schools are looking for a full package, someone who can empathize with patients and be a credit to the school. They would like to hear about what you have done outside of premed coursework.

5) These sweats are so comfy, I figured I should wear them. Hey, I need to be relaxed. It goes without saying, you should be dressed professionally at your interview. Jeans and sweatpants are a far cry from the suit and business attire you should be wearing.

6) I think the American medical system is really screwed up. It is fine to have problems with the way medicine is practiced, but it is inappropriate to bash the whole system or offer to single handedly fix it before you have even been admitted to the profession. Instead of looking like a mature, thoughtful activist, you will look like a pompous, spoiled brat.

7) Who did you vote for in the last presidential election? This is not the time nor the place to convince your interviewer that you are right about politics and he is wrong. Avoid bringing up such heated, controversial topics. If asked, answer politely and with conviction, but do not let yourself be goaded into a screaming match.

8) Nope, I have nothing to ask you. I just want to get out of here. It is ok if you are too nervous to come up with questions to ask your interviewer. But simply staying mum and fleeing the room is not a good way to seem eager to attend that medical school. If you really can’t dredge up a single question, thank your interviewer and say what a lovely time you had.

9) Listen, you stupid secretary. This is my interview and you will not blow it for me. I don’t care if the doctor’s in a meeting. We are scheduled to talk now! Go get her! Everyone matters, including the secretary, administrators, and medical students who are giving you a tour. Do not be rude, condescending, or inappropriate to any of them. Be kind to your fellow applicants. Many applicants make the mistake of thinking “the little people” have no effect on their application or that they are not being observed at all times. Well, they are the ones who do not get in.

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