Alex’s Testimony: How God Got Me into Medical School (Part 1)

This testimony was written on November 29, 2009. I shared this during a Thanksgiving dinner in church.

Brief Introduction

My name is Alex, and I would like to share what God has done in my life in the past 1.5 years.

I guess a good starting point would be the quitting of my job in May 2008. Previously, I was an accountant in a public accounting firm. By the time I quit, my relationship with Jesus was quite cold. Tax season and my 12 hour work days took a toll on me mentally and spiritually. I could not envision this continuing for the next forty years and I told my boss I had to quit. He asked for a reason for my resigning, and I told him that I wanted to pursue the medical field –- I am going to become a doctor.

I Had Little Chance of Getting into Medical School

My journey for admissions into medical school did not begin on a high note, spiritually. I knew that my previous work experience was not satisfying and I needed something –- anything –- better. The health field seems interesting, so why shoot for the top, as doctor.

If I take an impartial view of my background, I would have to say medical school acceptance would require a lot of luck or divine intervention. If I look at the competition and want to be competitive myself, this is what I’ll need:

  • a strong background in general science (biology, physics, chemistry, and organic chemistry). I did not have a strong background in science. I took one science class throughout my four years in college –- an introductory biology course.
  • to be an effective writer (for the personal essays).
  • to be an effective communicator (for the interviews).
  • to be an effective student (for a high GPA). I bombed my freshman year classes, which lead me to a loss in scholarships, and forced me to transfer to a different school. My GPA at the end of the first year of college was less than 3.0.
  • to be an effective test taker (for the MCAT, the medical school admissions test). Since MCAT is the standardized method of gauging one applicant’s knowledge in science to another applicant’s knowledge, I will need a score of 30 or higher, which means I will need to do better than 80% of the test takers in the nation.
  • medical field related experience. I had none thus far.

Realistically, I probably have no chance for an admission.

More About My Story

Who is Alex? Visit the About Alex section and find out!


  1. Mona Langham says:

    Alex it is so beautiful your story!

    I am crying right now!!!

    I would love to become a physician to help people in Amazon jungle… I was there five years ago as dentist performing surgery. And the dream of being a physician is in my heart for so long…

    I feel like I am uncapable to be accept in an Amercian Medical School by my own strengths, but God can do anything. I need God’s help

    • Mona,

      What is say is completely correct. Both of us come from disadvantaged backgrounds. But with God, we can do anything. I am glad the testimony spoke out to you. If you need any help or guidance at all, feel free to let me know.

  2. Alex thank you so much for your story! I woke up this morning looking to read about testimonies.
    In 2 and half week I sit the GAMSAT exam in Brisbane, Australia believing to get into medicine because this has always been my hearts desire. I come from a disadvantaged background and struggled throughout my undergraduate degree which I completed in Science and when I moved forward God lead me towards doing a Masters in Nursing which I did we’ll at without any resources by Gods grace! However I was bullied towards the end of that course by a lecturer. So now I’ve been an RN for a year and a half but I am dissatisfied because although I am grateful for this job and its exposure it’s not what I’ve had in my heart to do. I still need a miracle to get it because I’m worried that even my Masters GPA will be too low considering the restrictions but God has plan because he has been preparing me for this exam since last July. Thank you so much for encouraging me :).

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Docgurl,

      Thanks for sharing about your story. Keep trusting in God because He will always take care of you no matter what!

  3. wow Alex your testimony is so inspiring, just what I needed. I am also in a similar situation and your testimony gave me hope I believe God made me come across this testimony to remind me that he is able no matter the situation.It years after you posted this testimony but its still touching lives.GOD BLESS YOU!!

    • you’re right bro.I’m in the same situation right now .I just completed my Pre-Medicine diploma and I’m uncertain where to go or how to go about it. Its an encouragement .My spiritual life is messed up rn so I don’t even have the courage to talk to God .When I do, I don’t believe He’s listening to a filty guy like myself

  4. Joshua Rolston says:

    Hey Alex, I’ll keep this short but your post has been an answer to prayer. I prayed 10 minutes ago that if the direction for my life is to pursue a medical degree then he will make it clear to me. Feeling uneasy I decided to google God and Medical school (Very millennial, I know) and what came up was your post. Regardless of whether or not I become a doctor, I am confident that God will use my experience and journey through schooling to strengthen my relationship with him and this has given me peace. Praise God

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