Alex’s Testimony: How God Got Me into Medical School (Part 2)

I Turned to God for Help

In myself and in my strength, I had no hope. And so, I turned to God for help, and he did help me.

I knew that my relationship with Jesus must be renewed. I was negligent in speaking with him and in knowing more about him. So I established communication through prayer and learned more about God through reading the Bible. I had much more free time without a job and was able to renew the relationship with Jesus.

God Gave Me a Volunteering Experience

First, God provided me with health field experience.

It took two months, but God provided me a place to volunteer: Bergen Regional Medical Center with the long-term care unit. The patients at the LTC are mostly elderly and all of them need help living –- whether it is getting in and out of beds, taking a shower, going to the bathroom, etc.

God gave me a great mentor, Aeyoung, who showed me how to interact with them. She loves her job and loves the patients, and it would behoove me to emulate her dedication.

When I first started there, not many people liked me besides Aeyoung. The head of the volunteer department was quite curt with me. Aeyoung’s co-workers were against me attending the unit’s BBQ party because they didn’t think I would help out. Some of them even said means thing about me behind my back.

But in time, God blessed my time there.

  • The patients were open with me. Mr. Bruno, a patient there, even has a nickname for me, “AJ,” because he forgot my name (but only remembered the first letter of my name).
  • The head of the volunteer department started to like me more and more as she saw my commitment beyond a few weeks.
  • Some of Aeyoung’s co-workers are open to me now too.
  • Lauren, the woman at HR who got me the position, is very friendly with me. When I asked to shadow doctors over the past summer, she pulled some strings and enabled me to shadow physicians at the hospital’s outpatient clinic.
  • Last month, I also appeared in the hospital’s newsletter as volunteer of the month.

In a sense, I feel like Mordecai in the fine prince robe seated on the horse in the midst of such a rough beginning.

God Gave Me Good Grades

Second, God provided me with an adequate science education in Bergen Community College.

Between studying for the MCAT on my own and studying in class, I was able to get a 4.0 GPA in my studies in BCC, which will help offset my poor freshman year GPA. I also gained the favor of many of my science teachers, who would then be willing to write letters of recommendation on my behalf.

God Gave Me a Good MCAT Score

Third, the MCAT was a big ordeal that God helped me overcome.

I took the test on April 2009, almost a year since the quitting on my job and almost a year into my science education. At this time, I have not finished my physics and chemistry classes. I have not even taken organic chemistry yet, which was tested on the MCAT. My practice exam scores were less than satisfactory.

The week before the test, I was extremely stressed. I remember standing outside the church doors, not wanting to go in, because I could not concentrate on the message. This is very uncharacteristic of me because I hardly get stressed or freak out.

After 30 minutes outside, God reminded me that it was not me in control, but Him. If he wanted me to go to medical school, he will get me there no matter what I got on MCATs. Once I realized that, I had peace in my heart when entered the church.

Upon my testing day, I felt nervous but had no worries because God is in control. I prayed that God’s will would be done –- whatever score I get, I will be content because God will lead me where to go.

After the test, I did not feel I did well. But again, my heart was peaceful.

One month later, the scores came back and I received a 30, which means I did better than 80% of the people who took MCAT. A 30 is a competitive score. (I remember a person telling me, “better luck next time,” as in I had no chance once she heard my score. But little did she know, it was God who gave me the score. I felt at peace.)

Everything Fell into Place

Finally, everything I needed, God provided.

Unlike most of my fellow applicants, I did not have access to the resources they had –- the health committees to guide them in the application process. God provided all the things I needed –- transcripts, ability to write coherent essays, etc. Therefore, my applications and essays were sent out promptly.

However, a few of the letters of recommendations have not yet been sent out. Because of the missing letters, my file was not complete. Even so, the first week of September, I received an interview invitation from UMDNJ in Stratford. I asked the lady from the admissions office if my file is considered complete and they replied, “yes.” How could this be because I know one of my teachers have yet to send his letter? My only conclusion is that whatever door God opens, it cannot be closed.

More About My Story

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  1. Princeton Oben says:

    Thanks for your testimony, Alex. I feel like God led me too this website and that the fact that He did this for you means He will for me. I’m 30, about to get into medical school after a rough decade, and now coasting solely on my faith.
    I read your advice to young men, and what strikes me is the fact about us being on our own, sticking up for your wife, and making sure your girl has your back.
    At this point, I feel like money is a major motivator in my decision to enter med school, your business column really helps!
    What do you think about joining the Air Force Reserve , so that they could pay for med school?

    • Hey Princeton,

      I’m glad my testimony helped you with your faith.

      Joining the military is an option, and some of my classmates took that option. Although they will help you out financially, remember that you will have an obligation to serve. I think it is 2 years for every 1 year they help out. You could get pulled into a war zone. If you are okay with that, then join.

  2. This message is for Alex. Please pray for my son to get into medical school. We pray about it and want to than you for your testimony.

  3. Momma Jan says:

    My son is in his medical school interview right now and as I am praying for him, I found your web sight. Please keep my son in your prayers, he is late to interview but I have faith in God that all will go as he has planned for him. I will have him visit this sight once I hear from and can share it with him. Thank you for your testimony, my son really needs to read this and see that he is not alone.

  4. Jonah Micah Balagtas says:

    Hi Alex! I was encouraged by your testimony to pursue my dream in becoming a doctor.
    I am a graduate of Mass Communication and currently employed in christian publication.
    At first, all I have ever dream of is to become a full time writer someday, until I have this idea or desire to become study again and pursue doctor.
    It was an unrealized dream. I can’t take this off my mind. I feel like it this dream is from God. Because for me to study again and become a doctor is something that I cannot do alone and cannot afford. It’s only by faith and with the help of God. Just like what He has done to yours.
    Right now, I am praying hard and trying to do what I can do. I pray that if the idea is from God, if it is His answer to my prayers, I pray that He will help me. Godbless you.

  5. Thank you for your testimony, Alex. I am so encouraged by it. I just reentered the research field after being out of it for six years, in hopes of persuing medicine or dentistry. Whatever door God opens, NO man can shut!

  6. Hello Alex,
    I think God just led me to your website today. For a while now I have been considering a career switch from accounting to something else that fits my family needs as well as gives me peace of mind. Thus far, medicine has been top on the list. But I wondered how this dream of mine would come to pass, especially because just like you, I have no previous science knowledge nor training.
    Reading your testimony gives me hope. God being the God of turning I’m possibilities to possibilities, I have faith He’ll do it for me just as He did for you.
    Thanks again, for sharing your story and giving hope to people like myself.

  7. Hi Alex!
    I know this is a long shot considering you might not even see this but your posts really help me. I’m currently a junior in SFSU, working on my BS in Accounting. I recently got an internship to work with a small private accounting firm and as the days went on I realize that accounting is not for me. It lacks the excitement I thought it would have. After much thought, I made up my mind to finish with my Accounting degree and possibly switch profession right after I graduate. I have so many questions and have done almost endless amount of searching on what to do in order for me to get in med school. I was told that completing my med school prereq at a CC would be a terrible idea because of the lack of competition. I just want to know how you did it? I believe in God just as much as the next person, as I did grow up in a strict Catholic household, but I do believe that it is also inner power. That God gave you the strength to do what you want to do. I would just love to get some of your guidance, along with God’s.

    If you’re reading this then I’m lucky enough to share my story with you.. Thanks.

  8. Praise God that He has led me to this page!
    Im in my final year in High School and want to get into Medicine. I have declared that God is in charge and He is the one that will bring me the strength I need. But it has been difficult to leave everything to God, sometimes in my carnal set of mind i seem to doubt him everyday. But reading what HE did in your life ENCOURAGED ME! God bless you!
    -Im all the way from australia and have been extremely blessed by your testimonies!

  9. Jeff say:
    February 2/02/2018
    Hi Alex:
    Your testimony really inspiring me and I know little is much when God is in it,will produces might things .Please do pray for me this year ,I will apply for medical as well ,so please I really it.

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