Alex’s Testimony: How God Got Me into Medical School (Part 3)

Success on the First Try

The interview at UMDNJ in Stratford was excellent.

My parents were able to come with me to the school. Paula, the lady at the admissions office, was very nice to me and my parents. They gave us vouchers for lunch. During the showing of the school, 3 – 4 medical students were giving me and my parents a private tour. (Usually, a tour consists of 2 students for 10 applicants or so.)

After the tour, I had to wait two hours for my interview, which was scheduled for 3:00 PM. Instead, the wait was only one hour, as one of the applicants did not show up. Paula, the nice lady I mentioned previously, told my interviewers that I was available and my interviewers came down and escorted me to the interview. God was definitely watching out for me, giving me an earlier interview for we can get home sooner rather than later.

I have two main concerns about the interview.

  • The first one is how to give the glory to God.
  • The second one is should I talk about the things I have done in church to boost my application?

I thought to myself: If they ask me about my MCAT score, I will use that moment to give the glory to God. And I will not talk about the things I do in church, as that is solely for God, not for my medical school admissions.

Praise God that in the interview, I was able to give the glory to God while not taking what I do for God for my own benefit.

Surprisingly, the very next day, the school called me and said I was accepted. Can you believe that? The very next day. Praise God! Certainly divine intervention was there.

UMDNJ – Stratford is among my top choices of medical school and God truly provided wonderfully.

Because this was my first interview and acceptance, I did not need to interview all around the country. One of the things I prayed for is God to take care of my finances as I do not have the resource to fly to 7 different schools and stay at 7 different hotels for interviews. And now, my prayer has been answered!

In addition, UMDNJ is a state school, which means yearly tuition is roughly $13,000 – $14,000 less than an out-of-state school.

God Granted My Request for Another Interview

Even though God has granted my request, I asked God for a little more, just as Abraham dared to ask God to lower his standard for Sodom. I asked God for an interview and acceptance into another UMDNJ school, a MD school. I wanted to see how the different UMDNJs compared to each other. If God can grant me acceptance to a DO school, maybe he can also grant me acceptance to a MD school.

At the beginning of October, I received an interview request from UMDNJ – Newark. Again, this interview request is a strange because my file was considered incomplete; they did not have all my letters of recommendation.

At the beginning of the application process, UMDNJ – Newark was my top choice because it is an in-state school and close to home. But as I visited the school, I did not like it as much. During my tour and interview at the school, I felt that UMDNJ – Stratford was better.

  • At the time, UMDNJ – Newark was lacking a gym.
  • My dad was with me as we visited the school but they did not provide him with a meal voucher.
  • The people at the admissions office and the interviewer were not friendly.

When the school said I should be hearing back about their decision later that week, I did not receive word until a few weeks later. After the interview, I came back and felt a bit nervous. Did I make a good impression? Why couldn’t I say this better or have done that better? I came to God with my nervousness and he gave me peace, reminding me that he is in control.

God Closed a Door

A few weeks later, I received word from UMDNJ – Newark. As God destroyed Sodom even after Abraham’s bargaining, God waitlisted me in UMDNJ – Newark.

It is ok because I like UMDNJ – Stratford better. And God is just making it clearer where he wants me to go. He allowed me to compare the two schools and I saw that his decision was indeed better. Therefore, I will be attending UMDNJ – Stratford starting August 2010.

More About My Story

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  1. Chris Priestly says:


  2. thank you so much for this!
    i hope you are an excellent doctor and a wonderful blessing to those around you.

  3. alex your beginning is like mines and I really need to hear this I believe G-d lead me to your page to see how he dealt with you so I can be in a better place so he can deal with me. I am so greatful and encouraged. ty so very much im praying that G-d will bless you and your family.

  4. Christopher Aime says:

    I needed to read this right now. I was searching for an article on how to get closer to God. I had a closer relationship with God during the summer but once school started I neglected God.I need make a closer relationship the almighty.

    I am a non-traditional student, 30 yrs old, and after all these years I have calling to become a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine. I’m taking my premed courses and planning to do well on them, if God permits.

    • Hey Chris,

      I’m glad the testimony helped you get closer to God. God luck on your studies.

      Remember … if God wants you to become a doctor, nothing can stop you. =)

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen even older med students ☺️ And I honestly prefer more mature med students because they’re more reliable somehow haha

  5. This is amazing. I really needed this. I don’t feel like I have been very honest and obedient to God even after all his generosity. Still, he has provided generously for my family and I.

    He has looked after my studies – given me a very strong GPA. And now that I am sitting GAMSAT, I need him more than ever. The last 2 times that I have sat it, I pushed him to the side and decided to take control of the situation. Obviously things didn’t/haven’t worked out. But everything that’s happening around me, leads me to think that he really wants me to be a doctor.

    Now I am ready to let him take the wheel. To let his will be done.

    Thank you once again for your testimony.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Roby,

      You very welcome. I go through times when I push God away too. But whenever we run back to him, he welcome us with open arms.

      God bless!

  6. Hey Alex! I’m not sure how long ago you wrote this article/testimony but it is still being a blessing to people years later. I am blessed by your message and have been struggling with the idea of someone like me becoming what I believe the Lord has called me to be….being a physician. Thank you for sharing your story! It has truly opened my eyes to a few things. Be blessed!

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Deb,

      Thanks for reading my testimony. It took me quite awhile to write it up and I’m so glad that it helped you.

  7. Vanessa Rangel says:

    Hello Alex!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us! I can definitely testify that God is good! I was wondering what your practice tests were before taking the actual MCAT. I know you mentioned you scored a 30, but was that below the scores you were getting. I am taking my test this thursday and I pray that I will do much better than my practice tests. Thank you!

  8. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for your testimony! God has definitely lead me here as I too have been called to be a physician. My biggest hurdle to date is the MCAT which I take in a little over a week. I too am curious about your practice test scores. Mine aren’t great and it’s a little disheartening…praying for a miracle.

    • Alex Ding says:

      You’re welcome, Natalie.

      My practice scores were a bit lower (by about 1 – 2 points) than what I got. So I was pleasantly surprised at my actual score.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed about your MCAT score.

  9. Candice says:

    This story is truely encouraging as I am here trusting in God for my medical school acceptance letter also and my grades are not the best but I believe he will work his way in any situation. Thanks again Alex for the testimony.

  10. Alex, i was sitting in my room unabke to sleep. And after much prayer the Most High has led me to do a search that brought me directly to your testimony. I am a 33yo veteran and I cried in joy after reading this. Exactly what He needed me to hear. Not more than 7 days ago before writing this to you did I have zero care to pursue medicine. Then out of the blue He dilled this supernatural railroad spike of desire in my heart to become a physician. I have virtually no college experience as I volunteered to serve my country out of HS. Now I truly believe He is going to provide me a way to seriouy bring glory to His kingdom. I am deeply scared about this mission but I am absolutely obeying him. Thankyou for your testimony and may God bless you infinitely more for your faith.

  11. Great post. Inspiring.

  12. Great testimony Alex. God is indeed able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask or think about. I also have this strong calling to be an oncologist and it’s my prayer that God leads me and causes a miracle in my life regardless of the circumstances around me. You are blessed Alex!

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hi Didy,

      Indeed, I am blessed. But so are you. No matter where God leads you, it’ll turn out for good. Good luck on your journey.

  13. Mathew George says:

    Your testimony touched me to the point of tearing me up a bit :’) It showed me how God works in miraculous ways to always give you the best. You are indeed a blessed doctor in the making and may He bless you like he did in your application process throughout your journey in becoming a D.O. physician. I’m a high school student that aspires to be a doctor one day; however, I’m going to let God be the judge of that. Whatever God wills for me to be on this earth, so it shall be. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life and nobody can get to The Lord except through him.

    May God bless you in Jesus’ name 🙂

  14. This is amazing ! I’ve been crying out to God on my health career path and I had to slow down and understand he is in control . Thank you for your testimony:-)

  15. Hi, this testemony touched me. God is awesome and always are in control of everything, and He knows what does.
    I have some questions, if you could answer me, i’ll be grateful.
    – How did you know that you wanted study medicine? how you had sure that this is for you?

    Some time ago, I fallen in love with the brain and surgeries. After I started search all about it, and knew a bit of human body and how this perfect machine works. Seriously i’ve never thought that I would be interested in this. NEVER.

    But now I’m in doubt . I wonder this carrer is for me or is a simple curiosity.


    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Thais,

      I’m glad the testimony helped you.

      I really didn’t know that I wanted to study medicine. I did want to do accounting anymore and thought medicine would be a good field, because it helps people. As I went after medicine, the more I felt like it was for me.

      No one really knows for certain about anything. Sometimes when you don’t have all the facts, you still have to make a choice and live with the circumstances. That is what I did and God led me to where I am today.

  16. Hi Alex, now I am expected to choose which course i want to take for my pre-u, I am considering either accounting and medicine, BUT THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT SUBJECTS. As I am from a science stream class, I have no basics in Accounting whatsoever. I think that in accounting I would do better, but I like the concept where doctors can help their patients. However, Doctor positions are really limited now and a few of my friends told me that it is very hard in the medical field as you have to also write reports and take hard exams. I would be grateful if you could give me your opinion on both subjects. And is Medicine really that hard ? Thanks.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hi Joanne,

      I can’t tell you what to choose. Maybe you should pray about it.

      Medicine isn’t hard conceptually, but there is so much you will have to know. Imagine drinking out of a fire hydrant. That’s medical school. And yes, you’ll have a lot and a lot of exams. They pretty much never end.

  17. Thanks for posting. I actually read this once and moved past it but I found myself here again when searching God gave me a good MCAT score. Obviously I’m feeling hopeless and defeated because my practice scores don’t reflect what I want, let alone need. Intact, they are progressively decreasing. But, I thank God for leading me here. Please keep me in your prayers, I have exhausted every material and trick and post out here to no avail. However, one thing I have been putting aside is God because I know He is always there and understands , but I failed to realize put Him first and everything will fall into place.

    Please pray for me, thanks again

  18. Hello Alex, I am currently having a similar struggle to get into medical school over in my homeland of Great Britain and I approach this challenge with renewed enthusiasm and self-belief after reading the account of your medical school application. God bless

  19. Hy Alex…I guess its been long u posted this bt I bless God for leading me here…I was searching for testimonies in med school nd I ran into ur testimony…I needed dis cause am dng my pre-med courses and my scores are actually heartbreaking dt am wondering if am supposed to be in med skul bt each time I see those scores I am broken for few minutes bt den I feel dis inner peace bt I can’t stop thinking…thnk God I ran Into dis testimony I feel blessed and I knw He is in total control

  20. Honorato Aigilo says:

    Hi Alex
    I am inspired by your story. I too was once in medschool but was excluded because of a low GPA. However, I do want to go back in but the School Dean is very hard to persuade. I also had been praying for the ALMIGHTY to tell me where to go from here. I still am though very interested to study medicine and would like advise from you on how can I know for sure if GOD wants me to serve him as a Doctor since everyday I can’t stop thinking of becoming a Doctor.


  21. Wow Alex, I am indeed inspired by your post. Our God is Good and this is a clear testimony that he lives. “His ways are not our ways” Just waking up and did a Google search for accountant studying medicine. I am really inspired by your testimony. My background is sciences (agricultural/forestry soils) and at 25 years I changed careers and now I am a chartered accountant working for the UK government and of late it’s the same question I am currently facing e.g, staying in the accounting field for the next 40 years of my working life. . Your post has just made me recognise that I can actually switch careers by his grace. I am really interested in making a change to people’s health, especially children. I am confident I will reach the shore by his grace. Thanks for the post.

  22. Thanks Alex
    I really want to be a Physician since my child hood i believe its the way God wants me to serve him…I couldnt make good grades for a direct entry into medsch
    Ive now applied for a physian assistantship and then carry on from there…Thanks for this inspiring piece

  23. Thank you for your testimony. I too have been struggling with deciding to go to med school. Alot of it a result of finance. I completed my masters and now considering going to med school will leave me about $300k+ in debt. How did you handle the financial aspect of your decision and how did God help and lead you through?

    • Alex Ding says:


      It is a risky path because if you don’t finish the journey, you’re left with a hefty loan that will be hard to pay off. But if you make it through, there are enough ways to pay off the loan.

      • I believe that most medical students leave school with $100k ish debt and when people finish medical school & residency almost all of them are able o pay back the debt.

  24. Elizabeth Ekeoseye says:

    I thank God almighty for this testimony.. I key into it in Jesus Name.. I have sent two Applications to the Universities.. I am so much trusting God for my break through because to study Medicine is challenging so I have heard but I know God is my provider.. He alone qualifies the unqualified like me and He makes the crooked way straight.. so all i have to do is trust Him and when my admission into the Medical School pulls through I will also post my testimony in the name of the might Jesus.. AMEN

    • McEvans says:

      Don’t worry guys, God knows what we all need and had already given us the grace to go through good and bad situations, as well as those that seem challenging. It’ll surely happen Elizabeth, ( if it hasn’t happened already ). Trust God, He’s able.

  25. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for this inspiring testimony. I was not looking for this but I happened to stumble upon part 2 and decided to start at the beginning. Funny thing is, God told me to just trust him as I am about to go take my Law school admissions Test soon. I am going to take God by his word and just believe. I am proud of you and I would hope to meet you someday. I love testimonials of God’s work in his children’s lives. Keep up the good work and I praise God for all he is doing for us because we we can do nothing apart from HIM. To God be the glory.

    • Amen.

    • Yesterday God also told me to just take the med school final exam (OSCE) and I will pass. I don’t know how I will pass because I didn’t prepare well and also after exam I felt like I didn’t answer correctly most of the time during OSCE. But even with all of this God gives me peace, the kind of blissful peace I have never experienced in my life. It’s like He’s telling me “Audrey, you will pass because I said so, not because of your brain. And you shall stop worrying and start trusting Me more”

  26. Hi Alex,
    Thank you so much for sharing your med school experience with us! I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your blog. I love reading your posts and they’re all beautifully written 👏
    I had a fantastic expeience going through medical school, too, like you. It’s funny to see how 8 years ago I decided to pursue graphic designs & photography (so I intend to take more relaxing subjects and not science related at all) but because of a new (young and fun) Physics & Math teacher I take triple science class instead 😂 little did I know, that’s God’s way to prepare me for medical school.
    God also opened the door for me, I only apply to 3 medical schools and only send my high school report cards & did not have to do MCQ Entrance Exam. I got accepted very early in a private university only 30 mins away from home. And throughout pre-clinical years I always rely on God and often cried out for His help because everybody knows my brain cannot memorize all those thick medical textbooks. And God proved Himself everytime, He took care of every exam, and I feel like I have seen so much miracles in a lifetime beacuse I always pass my exams.
    And His hands are never late to help me along my clinical years at the hospitals. My mentors loved me (and sometimes even give me special treatments) although I know that I’m not the brightest med student they have. And honestly I couldn’t believe that I can pass every department’s exams.
    Yesterday I just finished the most final exam before registering for medical licensing exam. And again, God knew how afraid and unsure I was going in. So He told me that I will pass (I don’t know how) and I felt very peaceful (never felt this peaceful in my whole life before). As usual, after finishing the exam I wasn’t sure I answered correctly during OSCE but at least I felt really peaceful.
    Thank you for inspiring me to write about my experience. Good luck for your med school & residency! 💪 God bless you!

  27. Thanks for your testimony Alex! Its confirmation that I am on the right path. 🙂

  28. Thanks for your testimony Alex. I pray God grants me grace to testify like this and to bless the lives of many even as I go through a similar case

  29. God has led me to this blog. Thank you Alex for honest testimony. Felt God is alive and mighty.

  30. God bless you Alex, God has used you to lift my spirit. Do not forget where He brought you from.

  31. Robert Weaver says:

    Alex! This is one the most amazing testimonies I have ever heard. I have a question, how did you know that you wanted to be a doctor? How did that whole thing work out in your heart and your mind it? How did you know it was God’s purpose for your life?

  32. Thanks for sharing! This is amazing! I am transitioning from Finance to Medicine, and I am now a postbac premed student. It’s amazing to find your blog. This will help in my faith and along the this new and difficult path.

    God bless!

  33. Hi Dr. Alex. I was inspired by God’s testimony for you. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance. And I was like you before, when I was young I dont have any desire to take medical course. I am working at the bank until today but I was not happy. I want to do something for God’s mission. Something that I can help other people who cannot afford to go to a doctor because of financial difficulties. I think it’s God’s calling for me..but I am thinking How can I become a doctor if I dont have any medical background..and I found your blog and I feel motivated to pursue medical doctor. I am now preparing for upcoming National Medical Admission Test here in the Philippines. Self-study. I have zero knowledge in terms of medical aspects. But if it His will then Thy will be done.
    Godbless you Doctor..😊

  34. Wow! Incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Stephanie says:

    I’m 21yo female. Right now majoring in accounting. By the time I graduate, I’ll be 23yo. I’ve thought about the work I want to do for my entire life. To be honest, I don’t like business. I’d love to be involved with people and to help them. I’ve been thinking so hard about this and planning to study in medical science. What do u think? Is it too late?

    • Alex Ding says:

      No. After 30, it may be too late.

      • Thanking you Alex for your testimony, it wonderful. I am pursuing the same career, the truth is that is never too late. My mum at the age of 45, after having six children went to Law school and today she is a lawyer. She is my inspiration, I am 31 with two children and now pursuing a career in Medicine. With God, all things are possible when we believe.

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