Get into Medical School

So you want to become a doctor, huh?

If so, you came to the right place.

Getting into medical school is going to be challenging, but I am going to show you how to do it. It does not matter if you are a high school student or someone who has been working for awhile. You can get into medical school.

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Even if you decide not to get the e-books, I have decided to give you more than enough information to get you on the right track. I will guide you how to proceed, from beginning to end.

Step #1: Make Sure You REALLY Want to Become a Doctor

Medical School Introduction: Sacrifices of Being a Doctor
The medical school introduction covers the most important reasons against medical school. If you can overcome the objections, medical school could be in your future.

  • How Long is Medical School?
    Medical school and the subsequent residency will take a long time to complete. Find out exactly how long being a doctor will take and determine if you can pay the cost in terms of time.

  • A Day in Medical School (Second Year): Wish You Were Here
    This is one day in the beginning of my second year of medical school. As you will see, it is not fun and games at all, but a lot of hard work. See how I begin my day before 8:00 AM and end around midnight.

  • Doctors’ Diaries: 7 People’s Journey from Medical School to Doctorhood
    In this section, I introduce you to a documentary I watched before I entered into medical school. Doctors’ Diaries reveals the journey of seven people as they go from Harvard Medical School to becoming physicians. They share how their lives progressed once they are doctors and if becoming a doctor is worthwhile in the end. I highly recommend that you see this if you are thinking about becoming a doctor.

  • Is Being a Doctor Worth It Financially? Not as Much as You May Think
    This section explores if it is worth it to be a doctor or not, from a monetary point of view. If you consider the cost of medical school and the low salary as a resident, is being a doctor better than being an average college graduate? The answer may be shocking.

  • Why Medical School May Be the Worst Mistake of Your Life
    From an informal poll, 50% of my classmates would not have gone to medical school if they knew what they know now. Find out the 5 biggest reasons why going to medical school will ruin your life. And learn what you should do instead, if medicine is indeed your calling.
  • A Woman’s Hidden Sacrifice to Become a Doctor
    Ladies, read this! Medicine may be more than what you have bargained for. Ignore this at the expense of your future happiness.

Step #2: Research the Schools You Want to Attend

A List of Medical Schools Is Only the Beginning
When you are certain you want to become a doctor, you should have a list of schools you will want to apply to. This section will direct you to the very best resources to learn about each and every medical school.

  • Top 10 Medical Schools in the US
    If you do not know where to start when researching which schools to apply to, I highly recommend you look through this section. Actually, even if you have an idea where you want to apply to, take a look at this. It delves into how the U.S. News ranks medical schools. I also present a list of medical schools which I think are among the top 10 in the country.

Osteopathic Medical Schools: Is DO MD’s Brother from Another Mother?
Learn if you should apply to osteopathic medical schools or not. It will answer the following questions:

  • What is an osteopathic medical school?
  • What is the difference between MD and DO?
  • Pros of studying osteopathic medicine
  • Cons of studying osteopathic medicine

High-Yield Guide to Caribbean Medical Schools
Learn if you should apply to Caribbean medical schools or not. If you decide to apply, it will show you the pitfalls you should watch out for. It truly is a high-yield guide about everything you will want to know about Caribbean medical schools.

Step #3: Take the MCAT

MCAT: A Survival Guide to a Rock-Solid Score
The MCAT Survival Guide will give you a general overview about the MCAT. What subjects are tested? How is it scored? Then it will go into detail about how you can do well and get into medical school.

  • MCAT Test Prep Tips: How to Get 30 or Higher Without Expensive Courses
    I will reveal my unorthodox preparation method in this section. I saved a lot of money and time by taking my MCAT only once. I also applied to medical schools once. And hopefully, you too can score high enough to take the MCAT once and to apply to medical schools once. Read more to find out!

  • Average MCAT Score: If I Am Average, What Medical School Will Take Me?
    Find out what the average score is and what your options are if you scored only average.

  • Low MCAT Score: Is This the End? What Should I Do?
    For someone to do higher than average, some people will have to do lower than average. It reminds of a professor asking the class, “Who among you are better than average drivers?” And the whole classroom raised its hands. Everyone would like to think they are better than average. But what if you have a low score? If you really want to become a doctor but can’t beat the MCAT hurdle, there is still a way for you to become a doctor. Find out what it is and what risks are involved.

  • MCAT 2015: Big Changes Coming to a Prometric Testing Center Near You
    The MCAT is going to change big-time in 2015. See what the changes are and learn how to best prepare for them. You must read this, especially if you are entering college in fall of 2012 or later.

Step #4: Apply to Medical Schools

Medical School Admissions: Applying to Medical Schools Decoded
I will make your life easier and guide you through the major steps of the medical school admissions process. You will learn about:

  • What are the medical school requirements and how do you fulfill them?
  • What extracurricular activities you should participate in?
  • How to complete your primary application?
  • How to complete your secondary application?
  • How to write a good personal statement?
  • How to get a good letter of recommendation?

Go through this section in detail because it contains a lot of golden advice to get you into medical school.

Step #5 Interview for Your Acceptance

Medical School Interviews: The Last Hurdle
The interviews are the last hurdles before your acceptance into medical school. Learn what you must do so you do not ruin your chance of getting into medical school. If you never had an interview in your life, you seriously cannot disregard this section.

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