My Medical School Only Accepted 3% of Its Total Applicants …

A Single Mistake Can Cost You Your Acceptance Letter

If You Want to Get into a Medical School in the US, You Cannot Miss This

Dear future doctor and friend,

If you are serious about getting into an US medical school, take a good look at this interview with the dean of my medical school. Pay special attention to 1:53 – 2:53.

Did you watch it? I hope you did.

I want to recap some things the dean said about getting into medical school:

  • Getting into medical school is “increasing more competitive.”
  • There were 4,300 applicants for 162 spots. About 3% of total applicants will matriculate into my school.
  • For the beginning of the 2012 – 2013 application cycle, the school was “already 15% over where we were last year at this time of the application process.”

Getting into Medical School Is Tough

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the average applicant applies to 14 medical schools. And after applying to 14 medical schools, only about 40% of applicants get into at least one school!

That means the majority of applicants cannot get into a medical school in the US.

When you are competing for a spot in medical school, you are competing with some of the best students in the US.

They are smart.

They know how to study.

They know how to do well on exams.

They work hard.

And you know what?

It Will Only Get Harder and Harder

The AAMC came out with data that shows the trend in the number of applicants and their grades. And it does not look good for you.

With each passing year, there are more applicants.

  • In 2000, there were 37,088 applicants. In 2011, there were 43,919 applicants.

With each passing year, the applicants gets more competitive.

  • The average MCAT verbal reasoning score went from 8.7 (in 2000) to 9.0 (in 2011).
  • The average MCAT physical sciences score went from 8.9 (in 2000) to 9.4 (in 2011).
  • The average MCAT biological sciences score went from 9.3 (in 2000) to 9.9 (in 2011).
  • The average total MCAT score went from 26.9 (in 2000) to 28.2 (in 2011).
  • The average science GPA went from 3.35 (in 2000) to 3.43 (in 2011).
  • The average non-science GPA went from 3.56 (in 2000) to 3.65 (in 2011).
  • The average total GPA went from 3.44 (in 2000) to 3.53 (in 2011).

Basically, everything is going up.

And as a result, the applicants who get accepted have higher and higher GPA and scores.

  • In 2000, the average matriculant (accepted applicant) had a total MCAT of 29.7. In 2011, she had a total MCAT of 31.1.
  • In 2000, the average matriculant had a total GPA of 3.60. In 2011, she had a total GPA of 3.67.

I would assume that not only are the grades and scores better, the extracurricular activities are more impressive as well.

If you make even one single mistake when you apply, your chance of getting in is greatly reduced.

You Cannot Afford to Fail

If you do not get into medical school, it does not only affect your pride. It will affect your wallet and your time.

You will lose thousands of dollars.

  • The tens of thousands of dollars you spent on the required science classes will be wasted. Most people will have no use for their biology, chemistry, and physics education, outside of fulfilling the medical school requirements.
  • The hundreds of thousands of dollars you spent on a pre-medical degree will be lost (assuming that is your major). What else can you do with that degree? Nothing much.
  • The thousands of dollars you spent applying to medical schools will be spent in vain. And it will cost between $3,000 to $7,000 to apply.
  • If you fail to get into medical school, you will be forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make yourself competitive (possibly by getting a Master’s degree) and to reapply all over again.

Not only will this cost you money, it will cost you time as well.

  • It will take you roughly 2 years to take all the required science classes.
  • It will take you roughly 4 years to get a pre-medical degree.
  • And if you get rejected and are forced to enroll for additional schooling to become competitive, expect to spend another 2 years preparing for medical school.

Basically, you cannot afford to get rejected. Or else you will be royally screwed over. The prime of your youth would have been spent toiling away all for nothing.

But there is hope …

I Can Show You How to Get into Medical School (Even if You Are NOT a Cookie-Cutter Applicant)

Who am I?

My name is Alex Ding. And I am a medical student, author, and founder of Medical School Success. I have written about 100 articles regarding getting in and surviving medical school. (Please, take some time to view my website. The link will open in a new window.)

I have went through what you are going through right now. In fact, the odds were against me from getting in:

  • During my undergraduate education, I only took one science course.
  • I didn’t do any research.
  • I majored in business, not science.
  • I did not even know I wanted to become a doctor until after working for 2 years.
  • I took all of my science prerequisites in a community college.
  • I took the MCAT before finishing my basic science courses, so I could send in the applications early.

Bottom line is:

I have been in your shoes. And I know how to get you into my shoes.

I can show you exactly what you have to do (and when) to get into medical school, no matter your background.

Are you a non-traditional applicant? No problem.

Did you major in something else besides science? No problem.

Do you lack the right extracurricular activities? No problem.

Do you have no clue how to start? No problem.

If I can get in, you can get in.

All You Need to Know About Getting Accepted, Jammed Packed into an E-book

How to Get into Medical School: Time-Tested Advice for Anyone to Get Accepted

This 109-page e-book, How to Get into Medical School: Time-Tested Advice for Anyone to Get Accepted, has 32 chapters of critical information to get you into medical school.

You will learn about:

  • if being a doctor is right for you (so you will not regret your decision)
  • the seldom-mentioned, but major sacrifices you must make to pursue medicine
  • the hidden cost of applying to medical schools
  • the total time your training will take before you can practice
  • what being a medical student is like
  • the requirements you will need to meet before going to medical school
  • how you do not need to major in science, if you do not want to
  • how you should plan your schedule from freshman year to senior year of college, so you can start medical school as soon as possible
  • how to get into medical school, even if you graduated from college many years ago
  • how you can meet your medical school requirements by spending as little money as possible
  • what extracurricular activities you should do to stand out
  • how to choose the right medical school
  • why you should ignore the so-called “top 10 medical schools”
  • if you should apply to osteopathic (DO) medical schools
  • if you should apply to Caribbean medical schools
  • what schools you should apply to, if you are interested in Caribbean medical schools
  • how to get a high score on the MCAT without taking prep courses
  • how you can get into medical school if you only got an average MCAT score
  • what you should do if you got a low MCAT score
  • the changes coming to the MCAT you MUST be aware about
  • what GPA and MCAT score you will need to be guaranteed a spot in medical school
  • how to maximize your chance for getting accepted into medical school
  • how to write a compelling personal statement
  • what a good personal statement looks like
  • how to get a good letter of recommendation
  • what you can do to ensure your letter is as good as possible
  • what you must do to totally ace your medical school interview
  • what questions will be asked on all medical school interviews
  • how to ask good questions during your interview
  • the unique interview quirks and questions for each medical school
  • how to dress to impress your interviewers

As you can see, the things you will learn will be immense. This e-book is a comprehensive collection of my personal experience and research. It will teach you everything you will need to know about getting in.

I seriously wish I had this when I applied to medical schools.

The Deal of the Decade

If you are serious about medicine, you cannot pass on this offer. A medical school coach (someone that will guide you as you apply to medical schools) costs $200 for one hour.

What do you think this should cost?

  • It will take you about 5 hours to read through the e-book once. So what about $1,000?
  • But getting into medical school is already so expensive. I’ll give you a better deal. What about $500?
  • Better yet, $100?

At $100, this e-book would be worth every penny.

My goal is to see you succeed and get into medical school. So I will give you as much value as possible, at a price that will not cause you any financial hardship. (You will have that coming up soon enough, when you start applying.) So I am going to make you an even better offer:


For $29, you will have all information that has taken me months to research and thousands of dollars to personally learn.

I want you to have the information, but only if you are truly serious about medical school.

And this is my test to see if you are serious or not:

When you eat out for dinner in a regular restaurant, you would probably spend around $29. Maybe even more. If you are willing to spend the amount for just one dinner on information to maximize your chance of getting into medical school (and thus, preventing years of effort and thousands of dollars of courses from going down the drain), you can have the information.

This is not just a deal. It is a steal.

With a price that screams out, “VALUE,” and a 90-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee, you cannot lose. You can only gain.

If you are interested, do not delay. Because I guarantee you that the price will not go down — it will only go up.

ORDER NOW by clicking on the “add to cart” button.

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Before you make your decision, make sure you read the next section (BONUS).

I have sweetened the deal considerably.


After much thinking, I have decided to essentially “give away” all of my secret tactics. You will learn 1) how to get into medical school 2) while saving massive amounts of moo-lah ($$$).

Why? Because once you’re in medical school, you’ll be in a world of hurt. Tuition will go up and up. Student loan interest rates will rise higher and higher. Residency will get longer and longer. The finacial rewards for being a doctor will plummet lower and lower.

I do feel a little bad for you. (Are you sure you don’t want to turn back yet?) Therefore, I’m going to help you get in while while minimizing the damages to your wallet. Again, 1) you’ll learn how to get in and 2) you’ll learn how to save massive amounts of money in the process.

So this is what I’m going to do …

When you order, you will not get just one book. No sir-ee-Bob. You’re going to get two books:

How to Get into Medical School: Time-Tested Advice for Anyone to Get Accepted ($29 value)


From Community College to Medical School: How a Former Accountant Got into Medical School and Saved $50,000 ($14.99 value)

I have already told you a bit about the first book. So let’s talk about the second one.

From Community College to Medical School: How a Former Accountant Got into Medical School and Saved $50,000

The 19-page e-book, From Community College to Medical School: How a Former Accountant Got into Medical School and Saved $50,000, will teach you how to take the same steps I took to get into medical school.

You will learn about:

  • how community college will save you $50,000
  • how community college will save you a massive amount of time
  • how community college will raise your overall GPA
  • how community college courses are as good (or even better) than traditional university courses
  • when to schedule each course so you can get into medical school as soon as possible
  • 2 things you must do if you want to get into medical school

Previously, I offered both books for $43.99. People have been gladly paying the full asking price for both books ever since the beginning. (Even then, they were getting a whole lot a value.) But now, you’re getting an even better deal — I’m not going to ask you to pay the full asking price.

Instead, you will get everything, which I have re-compiled into an e-book — The Ultimate 2-in-1 Get into Medical School Guide — for a measly price of $29.

For $29, you will learn how to get into medical school no matter your background while potentially save $50,000 in the process.

90-Days, Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee

90 day guarantee

This e-book will not be like any other books you have read. You will not just get general advice that any average person can find on the internet.

You will get advice and hints based upon my own experience applying to medical schools. As an outsider. As a non-traditional applicant.

You will have the exact steps I have taken to get in. I guarantee that if you follow the e-book and apply everything I wrote, you will get into medical school.

I believe in this so much that you can try it out, risk-free, for 90-days.

Take 90 days to read through the e-book and see if it works for you.

If you follow the exact steps in my e-book (that has got me into medical school), and if you do not get closer to your acceptance letter by:

  • having the right GPA

  • having the right MCAT score

  • having the right extracurricular activities

  • having the right letters of recommendation

  • having the right personal statement

  • having the right answers to the interview questions

let me know and I will refund you the money. Hassle-free!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Man Who Never Made It to Medical School

I want to tell you the story of one of my patients from my family medicine rotation.

When I first saw him, one of his first questions to me was, “Are you going to become a doctor?”

And I told him, “Yes.”

He then sighed and told me that at one point in his life, he was preparing to go to medical school. But for some reason or another, he never got into medical school.

He is now a cook, working 16 hours a day just to support his family. He had to fight tooth and nail just to get a few hours off to see the doctor. And even though he is sick and in pain, he had to go back to work right after this visit.

He was miserable. And full of regrets.

Who knows what his life would have been like had he made it into medical school? Had he became a doctor?

There are many smart people in the world. But not all smart people are successful.The unsuccessful ones end up like this man.

Those who get what they want (such as the applicants who get into medical school) are not only smart, but they are willing to take the extra steps to maximize their chance of success.

Here is your extra step. Are you willing to take it?

Or will you be like the man, full of regrets?

If You Are Willing to Take the Extra Step …

Then order the e-book right now for $29, and equip yourself with the knowledge to get into medical school.

Again, I guarantee that if you follow the e-book and apply everything I wrote, you will get into medical school.

Order now, and get the e-book instantaneously. Once you order, you will receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to download the e-book without delay.

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  1. First, click on the “add to cart” button.
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  4. Afterwards, fill in all the appropriate information and click on the “review and continue” button.
  5. Finally, you will be ready to finalize the order.

At this point, there is nothing new I can say. I have done as much as I can to remove all obstacles from your path to success. If you are serious about getting into medical school, put your money where your mouth is and …

ORDER NOW by clicking on the “add to cart” button.

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P.S. You really have nothing to lose when trying out this e-book. Learn from my research and experience. Get into medical school by:

  • having the right GPA

  • having the right MCAT score

  • having the right extracurricular activities

  • having the right letters of recommendation

  • having the right personal statement

  • having the right answers to the interview questions

… or your money back.

It comes with a 90-days, risk-free, guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.S.S. To view the e-book, you will need a PDF reader. If you are using a PC, I would recommend the Foxit Reader. If you are using a Mac, try out the Skim Reader. (Don’t worry, they are both free. The links to the PDF readers will open up in a new window.)


  1. Hi there,

    I have a MBA in HR and am looking to go into psychiatry. I’m aware I have a long road ahead of me. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks.

    P.S. I just purchased your book and look forward to absorbing the information you’re so graciously sharing!

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey BB,

      Thanks for the purchase.

      You are right when you say that you have a long road ahead of you. If you follow the book sequentially, it is a good guide on how to begin and how to progress with applying to medical schools.

      If you are serious about medical school, make sure you got all the requirements done: the right courses, the letter of recommendations, volunteer / shadow experience with a doctor, etc. If you did not major in science, it’ll take you a few years to fulfill.

      Borrow or buy a book with all the medical schools and their requirements, and get a feel for what you will have to do in the future.

  2. Hi Alex! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with hopefuls everywhere!

    I had a rough time in my personal life this past year, and my total and science GPAs suffered from it as well. What is your advice for pre-meds going through this dilemma (I was considering going towards a Master’s then a PhD, gain research experience, and do well on the MCAT just to compensate for my low grades)?

    Kind regards,

    • Hey Lynn,

      Maybe a Master’s or retake the classes you did bad in. Osteopathic schools will replace your low grades with a higher one. Just make sure your GPA and MCAT scores are high.

  3. Ugochukwu .S. Favour says:

    Hey,am an international student tryin to obtain an undergraduate scholarship into a medical school,pls how do i go about it???

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