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March 6, 2007
By: Hoover


Here’s a job I found that would be ideal for someone already in clinical practice and looking for a way out. Engineering undergraduate background is a plus:

Consultant needed to join a professional services firm in San Antonio, Texas. Must have MD/DO as well as a mechanical or design engineering degree. TX license not necessary as long as physician is licensed in any state.

Seeking outstanding individuals to join this fourteen year old research and consulting firm composed of a multi-disciplinary team of creative and committed staff who work in a pleasant and collegial, fast-paced yet casual atmosphere. This firm is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in its field with a proven track record of sustained growth and responsible fiscal management.

This company specializes in analyzing the response of the human body to forces in events, such as automobile collisions, to determine how or if injuries are caused. Employed are full-time physicians, engineers and physician engineers whose qualifications allow them to integrate both the physics of the vehicular collisions and the medical issues related to the claimed injuries in the analysis of injury causation.

These consultants are often asked to provide expert testimony for litigation support across the US. This company has conducted extensive research in the area of low velocity impacts. The results of the research have been published in peer-reviewed articles in various publications and the articles are widely used and referenced in the scientific and medical communities.

This litigation support position offers no patients, no call, no malpractice. This position is ideal for a physician with a strong clinical trauma background. Offering a competitive salary as well as excellent benefits, including profit sharing and a 401(k) plan.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Lia Langston directly at 1-888-333-4585. To expedite the recruiting process, forward your CV via email to or by fax to 1-877-878-1970 (attn: Lia). Find more opportunities online or register for free at Please refer to job# L6633

via: [StaffPointe]

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