Med School Hell – Big Brother Is Watching

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

May 5, 2007
By: Hoover


Professionalism” was a word I had only heard a time or two before beginning medical school. Thank God I don’t have to hear it anymore, but not before I got sick and tired.

An anonymous reader of MSH tipped me off to this whole “professionalism” thing being taken to a whole new level (thanks, you know who you are). I won’t get into any infringing details, but let’s just say that big brother is watching you when you’re not at school.

In short, there have been some incidences of student activity on web sites (such as blogs as well as social networks) being monitored by school administration.

Students at some schools are now being punished for voicing their opinions. This is not OK in my opinion. Some schools are even going so far as to include statements about “inappropriate activity” in their professionalism code of conduct. Such “inappropriate activity” can potentially include cynical commentary on social networking sites or personal blogs.

How far is too far? Will the administration start banning together with bar and nightclub owners to spy on student activity away from class? Will your alcohol consumption begin being monitored? How about sexual activity or sexual orientation?

A student’s time away from class is their personal time. As long as they aren’t breaking any laws, it’s an infringement of basic human rights to punish a student for something he or she said on a personal blog.

I’m a huge fan of free speech, and I’ll say whatever the hell I feel like saying. I know some medical school administrators read this blog, and the ones that enforce such inane policies can all kiss my ass.

Always remember that MedSchool Hell is waiting with open arms to accept student’s cynical, politically incorrect, or otherwise anti-medical school commentary. Students of every medical school across the country and abroad may contribute anything they wish and not ever worry about their dictator-like administration catching them. Everyone is anonymous here.

I have to wonder if blogs such as this one are the root cause for such new policies going into affect at medical schools. Are you afraid to visit MSH from one of your school’s computers? If so, you need to take a step back and fight for your freedom of information.

Update: Seven year after Hoover’s post, schools are still acting as Big Brother. See here and here.

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