Med School Hell – I Like It. You Should Too.

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

June 1, 2006
By: Hoover


During our 2nd year of medical school we had a course where we had to perform several adult and pediatric H&Ps. After doing a couple of these I realized for the first time that they, well, sucked. So I’m talking with my Peds preceptor one day after I finish with the patient and she asks me what specialty of medicine that I am thinking about going into. “Well, actually I don’t plan to go into clinical medicine.”

The shit hit the fan. You see, she was one of these attending physicians who would run a facking free clinic in the evenings after working all day. I must admit, I was naive at this time and was still getting my feet wet on anti-gunnerism.

Showing me a picture of one of her patients, she asks “Look at this. How could you not want to do this after seeing this precious child?” “I really don’t like kids” I reply. More shit in the fan. “I don’t like your attitude. Maybe you shouldn’t continue to be a medical student here” she says with more hostility than 5 minutes prior.

At this point, I get an idea of where this is going. “Just because I don’t like kids, or even do not plan to go into clinical medicine does not mean I have no right to be here. No where does it state that I must like kids, patients, or even plan to complete a residency in order to earn my degree. I was accepted to this medical school and as long as I pass my courses and step exams I have a right to remain a student here. Since I have no problem with my course work, I think it is safe to say I will earn my degree without plans to enter residency. Are we through here?”

“Yes. I will discuss this with the Dean.”

“As you wish.”

More bullying: Instead of being supportive or asking about my non-clinical plans, she entered defensive mode immediately. She likes kids, so I am supposed to as well. Anything less is inadequate. What she was expecting was that I would turn into a fake kid-lover for 5 minutes and tell her “Ooh, she’s soooooo cute! Wow, I might think more about pediatrics now.” Fuck that. I do not understand why this mindset is so prevelant, especially in academic medicine. I don’t like what you like. Get over it.

More bullying: Stating that maybe I should be dismissed from the institution. Fuck off.

More bullying: Threats to consult the Dean. Whatever.

She gave me a “C” even though my pediatric H&Ps did not vary from my adult H&Ps where I earned an “A.” The largest portion of my grade for this module was from the adult H&Ps. Overall I earned a “B” for the module.

I was awarded my degree in May, 2006.

The Dean never contacted me.

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