Med School Hell – Medical Students v 2.0

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

December 13, 2007
By: Hoover


Lately I see more and more talk of “arrogant, entitled, lazy, and non-caring” medical students coming mainly from attendings. They’re actually referring to these students as the “new generation of medical students.” You see, they don’t understand why some of you guys are finally starting to “get it.”

Enter Medical Student 2.0

You guys are starting to wise up, and it’s about fucking time. I couldn’t be more pleased. Long gone are the training days of 1953, where students and residents practically lived in some run-down shit hole of a hospital room. Back during these wild west days, students would do just about anything that was asked of them. I can see the changes even from my training days just a few years ago. The balls are getting bigger, so keep eating those Wheaties.

This isn’t to say all of my work is done as it will never be fully complete. There will always be that subset of students who will kiss ass to get ahead. Ignore them as they will very soon be in the minority.

Majority Rules

One thing this new generation needs to keep in mind is the power of majority. If you have a majority on your side, you can get away with a hell of a lot more. What are they going to do, punish 80% of the class? I don’t think so. Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Your time will come when the majority of your class will be comprised of this “new generation” of medical students.

How Do You Become Part of the New Generation of Medical Students? Follow These Simple Rules:

  • Always, always question authority. Medical training is extremely inefficient, so questioning authority in the medical training setting is appropriate more times than not.
  • If an unreasonable task is asked of you, simply refuse to do it.
  • Never, ever complete menial tasks for residents or attendings such as fetching food or coffee. Tell them to pick up their own dry cleaning. Remember, they knew what they were getting into when they matched into their specialty. They sowed the seeds, now it’s time for them to harvest the crops.
  • You are paying for your education, therefore you are owed an education. This goes with the above bullet point. You aren’t paying $xx,xxx per year to run copies or obtain vitals. You’re paying to learn. Make them teach. If an attending doesn’t want to teach, he should get his pretentious ass out of academic medicine.
  • If you don’t want to participate in a procedure, tell them. Studying for your shelf exam is much more productive than “assisting” on a chest tube insertion. If they give you any lip, remind them that you’re paying for your education and that you get to call some of the shots.
  • Never skip conferences in lieu of scut. Conference time is break time and it’s often protected time for students at most medical schools. If an attending or resident demands that you skip conference to play human retractor or to complete some other meaningless scut, report them to your Dean. If they need someone to retract, they can pay an OR tech $20+ an hour to do it.

I hope that MSH can continue to shape future next-gen medical students and stop the abuse. All I can do is to continue to spread the word.

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