Med School Hell – My Evaluation Of Hoover’s Surgery Attending

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

March 8, 2007
By: Cherokee


Though I have never met Hoover’s dickwad surgery attending, I’m sure most of us 3rd year and up medical students have met similarly evil carbon copies during our God-forsaken surgery rotations.

If I could contribute to his “Attending Letter” that followed him to all jobs, here’s what his eval might say:

Showed callous disregard and zero interest for the feelings, egos, and opinions of students and residents. His fund of knowledge was non-rudimentary, but any shred of human decency in all regards was rudimentary at best. Zero improvement over 12 weeks. His participation was usually God-like, insofar as he thought he was the Almighty Himself. His ego preceded him wherever he went. Furthermore, his communication with his chief resident was piss poor since he claimed that excused absences were unexcused. This clearly demonstrates lack of organizational skills. Overall, if I had as little humanity as he did, I would fail him. Because I can rise above the type of–to put it kindly–heartless dipshit that he is, he gets a D-. Remediation is indicated. It shall include canings, whippings, floggings, spankings, and hot-iron brandings with the phrase ‘LOOK AT ME, I’M A SURGERY BITCH’ all over his body.

Perhaps there would be no power to enforce remediation, but one can certainly dream. Sigh.

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