Med School Hell – OB/GYN

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

December 24, 2005
By: Hoover


My OB/GYN rotation sucked. Well, they all sucked, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, I got to stick my fingers into nasty coochies that were infested with STDs such as HIV, HSV, and countless others I don’t really care to mention at this point.

You see, the patients that I saw really didn’t give a shit. That is, they didn’t care about their hygiene and I honestly wondered if they had showered within the last 3 days. They were homeless, abused IV drugs, intoxicated by 9 am each day, and had sex for crack. They would also show up for their first prenatal care visit at 36 weeks gestation…lovely. “I want da best for ma baby” they would say. “I betta get da best care for ma baby”.

Do you have any vaginal discharge? Loss of fluid? Contractions? Is the baby moving? These were questions I had to ask, but I really didn’t care about this stuff. I had to ask this crap because that’s what they told me to do. This was the right way to do things. Be honest – would you really care to know about some nasty-ass discharge that some crack whore had for the last three weeks? I didn’t think so.

True story: I was in OB/GYN clinic on the first day of my rotation. This crack whore shows up who’s 37+ weeks pregnant with no prenatal care at all, and it turns out that she’s HIV and HepC + (wow, I’m shocked). There’s no telling what else she’s got…anyway, I’m supposed to go in and work her up, do the pelvic exam, etc. Upon questioning her and finding out that she’s:

1). intoxicated at approximately 9am
2). Hep C+
3). HIV+
4). Has a boyfriend in the exam room who’s also intoxicated at 9am

so I walk out of the exam room and tell the resident “I’m not doing the pelvic exam on this chick…sorry man, I just can’t do it.”

He says that’s cool and all, and I go on about my business. God, I can’t imagine people who actually want to go into OB/GYN.

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