Med School Hell – Pediatrician Refuses To Treat Patient Because of Mom’s Tattoos

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February 18, 2007
By: Hoover


Sound crazy? It is. A pediatrician has refused to treat a patient because the patient’s mother has tattoos. In fact, Dr. Gary Merrill has the following sign in his office:

“This is a private office. Appearance and behavior standards apply.”

This means that patients cannot have body piercings, tattoos, and many other strict requirements. And, guess what guys? The AMA reserves the right that Dr. Merrill can do what he wishes in his private office – and can refuse treatment in non life-threatening situations.

Chalk a win up for private physicians that are running businesses. Just like McDonald’s can refuse service if you’re without shirt and shoes, Dr. Merrill is making his own rules of what can and cannot occur inside his business. I think this is a good thing.

Tasha Childress’ response after Dr. Merrill refused to treat her daughter’s ear infection?

I felt totally discriminated against, like I wasn’t good enough to talk to, Tasha Childress said, like he didn’t have to give me any reason for not wanting to see my daughter because I have tattoos and piercings.

You would think that this guy was the only pediatrician in town. If patients aren’t happy with the services rendered, simply go see another doc.

Problem solved.

via: [KGET News]

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