Med School Hell – Pre-Med Haters

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

April 14, 2009
By: Hoover


Here’s an unfinished draft I pulled up from way back in early 2008. I’m thinking it still applies:

I think some of the naive pre-meds have been drinking a bit too much of the Hatorade lately. I’ve seen numerous threads pop up in the pre-allo forum at SDN referencing Med School Hell and typically the comments are negative. Here are my responses:

  • You’re shitting your pants
    In reality you think that medicine is rainbows and butterflies, but you’re scared that I may just be right. After all, I’ve gone through medical school and you haven’t. This little tidbit of information makes your acceptance look a lot less appealing.
  • You think you know it all
    That 3.8 GPA and medical mission trip in Africa has instilled in your mind that you know all. Therefore anyone that says anything negative about medicine is a dumbass and doesn’t know shit.
  • You’re young
    Most of you are in your late teens or early twenties, and have gone from high school to college and then hopefully straight to medical school. You’ve never worked a real “job” in your life. Just wait until you’re working from 7am-7pm 5-6 days a week dealing with all that medicine has to give. Until then, shut the fuck up.

Thinking back, I do remember what it’s like to be a pre-med. I didn’t know shit and neither do you.

Are you convinced to leave medicine? If so, you may feel like you are alone. You may feel clueless about what to do next. However, quitting medicine could turn out better than you have ever thought possible. And here is why you should get out …

This article is part of Hoover’s Med School Hell series. Med School Hell reveals the crazy truth about the crappiness of the US medical education and healthcare system … while making you laugh so hard, you’ll crap in your pants.

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