Med School Hell – Residents In Europe Work Less Than You

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July 1, 2007
By: Hoover


It’s true, and is published in a recent NEJM article.

Residents in Europe work about 56 hours per week, and after August 2008, they will be allowed to work only 48 hours.

Sleep medicine experts state that current training restrictions with maximum 30-hour shifts and 80-hour workweeks are unsafe for both patients and physicians. A fine balance is being looked at as to where the optimal line of patient care vs. physician work hours can be drawn.

If you compare what US residents work to residents in Europe, the poor US guys and gals are working almost twice as much.

I think further work hour reform is on the horizon, especially if favorable data comes out of the decreased work hours for European residents. Only time will tell but I think it’s a push in the right direction. 80 hours per week is still too damn much.

Via: [NEJM]

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