Med School Hell – Socialized Medicine From One That Has Experienced It

This post is raw and holds nothing back. If you’re uncomfortable with vulgar language, please turn back.

June 1, 2008
By: Hoover


I’m not a fan of socialized medicine. I firmly believe that health care is a privilege and not a right. Many people — including uninformed pre-meds with high hopes of saving the world — think socialized medicine is the best thing since sliced bread.

Doing some reading today, I came across a reply to an article on $8 per gallon gasoline. Here’s what this person had to say, emphasis mine:

“You have never lived in a country with social medicine. I have and it does not work. It took me six months to find a doctor in Canada… everyone’s shining example of a great social health care success story. I was told by their social medicine govt office to call all of the doctors in the phone book and I might get lucky. I tried to get my knee repaired (ACL reconstruction) however, the waiting line was too long ( 15 months) so I went to the states and had it done in two weeks. I was in England and hurt my knee and could not get a doctor to prescribe pain medication nor get me crutches to walk. Montreal has five major hospitals all with CAT Scan Machines…4 out of 5 broken and the fifth with out of date software. Keep in mind social medicine is not medical care on demand, they prioritize and categorize, my age, health and whether the surgery or care is needed. What you don’t hear is the number of Canadian citizens that come to the states to get medical care that they cannot get in Canada. Additionally, the average monthly tax rate in Canada of my peers was close to 50%.”

Does this sound like a great system to you? People need to wake up and realize that socialized health care is not equivalent to easily-accessible, cheap (or free) medical care on demand. This is just one of probably many examples of why it doesn’t really work.

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This article is part of Hoover’s Med School Hell series. Med School Hell reveals the crazy truth about the crappiness of the US medical education and healthcare system … while making you laugh so hard, you’ll crap in your pants.

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