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January 10, 2008
By: Hoover


While once a top-of-the-top profession, medicine has been sliding down in-line with a regular old J.O.B. The mainstream media is beginning to see it, too. A recent article in the New York Times spells it out:

As of 2006, nearly 60 percent of doctors polled by the American College of Physician Executives said they had considered getting out of medicine because of low morale, and nearly 70 percent knew someone who already had.

This is hardly news for you guys that have been reading MSH for awhile. I do find it interesting that the mainsteam media — and the general public who consumes it — are now beginning to get the education that they deserve.

Physicians just don’t have what they used to have in terms of prestige. The money is still above-average, but the amount of social respect is dwindling.

In a culture that prizes risk and outsize reward — where professional heroes are college dropouts with billion-dollar Web sites — some doctors and lawyers feel they have slipped a notch in social status, drifting toward the safe-and-staid realm of dentists and accountants. It’s not just because the professions have changed, but also because the standards of what makes a prestigious career have changed.

This decline, Mr. Florida argued, is rooted in a broader shift in definitions of success, essentially, a realignment of the pillars. Especially among young people, professional status is now inextricably linked to ideas of flexibility and creativity, concepts alien to seemingly everyone but art students even a generation ago.

Patients are more savvy about their conditions, and news stories of physician FUBARs add fuel to the fire. The old-school, hardcore docs are finally retiring out of the profession and the younger kids that will be entering college and careers are reshaping the way society views the medical professional. I see a day in the near future where physicians will be reduced to technologists in the public eye, and that’s only the beginning.

Medicine just isn’t what it used to be. Will it ever recover to the olden days? I highly doubt it.

Check out the article, The Falling-Down Professions. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya so.

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