Med School Hell – Your Royal Screwing Was Just A Fluke, Our Apologies

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March 2, 2007
By: Cherokee


A bunch of pre-meds (787 to be exact) are rightfully pissed because the AAMC just boned a bunch of them on the MCAT last Saturday.

The boning was via a verbal reasoning passage wherein the topic was robotic fish and the questions were about birds! A total of 2,400 took the test, so that’s a third who were given the flawed passage.

Of course, Dr. Robert Jones of the AAMC feels the enormously large error was just a fluke.

Not good enough. The expectation is that students have to be among the very elite to be able to be given the “honor” of medical school admittance. You have to perform reasonably well on the MCAT to even have a chance of an interview, for crying out loud. So the AAMC can make grave lapses like this and it’s not a big deal? Dr. Jones himself admits everything is reviewed in detail by several different people (ostensibly competent ones). Huh? If this is even true, it’s unacceptable.

The solution put forth is to give a VR score that’s extrapolated based on the non-flawed passages. If the student doesn’t opt for that, option #2 is a refund. Obviously both of these are horrible solutions. Extrapolated scores could mean a much higher or lower result, and refunding money means these poor pre-meds have to prepare and TAKE IT AGAIN when it’s not their fault.

As is pointed out by FairTest, a watchdog group, there are also variables such as having an ungodly huge anxiety attack when seeing f’d up questions that have no bearing on the passage. Might just slightly ruin your optimal performance.

Fluke or systemic incompetence? Whatever the case, I say let all 787 matriculate at medical schools of their choices. Why not trade an incredible mistake for an incredible solution? Perhaps only just 10% would be as incompetent as the AAMC is in this case.

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