Medical School Interview Cost: It’s More Than You Think

One of the largest expenses of the medical school application process is due to the cost of interviewing. If you applied all over the US, you will probably be interviewing all over the US. That means you will have to pay for transportation and housing for each interview.

My Interview Cost Was Low

I really lucked out in terms of the amount I paid for medical school interviews. I only had to pay for gas. I received my acceptance at UMDNJ the very next day and did not have to interview at out-of-state schools. So, if you don’t know by now — apply to in-state schools! But if I had to interview out-of-state, the interview costs would have been much higher.

What You May Have to Pay For

If you interview at in-state schools, the monetary expense could just be the cost of gas. If the school is one or two states away, the cost would go up slightly — for gas or a train ticket. If the school is any further, you will have to buy a plane ticket and rent a hotel room. If the hotel does not have shuttle service to the airport, you will also have to rent a car. That could easily amount to $500 per interview. If you interview at 10 schools, you can do the math.

How to Save Money

If you are interviewing at a far-away school, you could save some money by staying overnight at a medical student’s house. Call up the admissions office and ask if interviewees could stay overnight at a student’s place. If they say no, you lose nothing. If they say yes, you just lowered your medical school interview cost. Overall, there is not much you can do about the interview costs except hoping you will make enough money one day to make it pay.

medical school interview cost - flying could be expensive

Try to save money by flying out for multiple interviews. This will take some effort on your part to work out the logistics.

If you get lucky and get multiple interviews in a certain state, you can try to schedule the interviews close to each other, in terms of dates. This way, for far-away medical school interviews, you will only have to pay for the plane ticket once.

Get Inside Information from Interviewees Before You

Check out SDN interview feedback for each school’s tour and travel section. It will give you an idea of how others got to the interviews and how much it costs. See the SDN interview guide for more details on how to access the information.

Needless to Say …

As you can see, just getting to the medical school interviews takes lots of effort, time, and money. Even if most of your interviews are close by, they will still take a lot of resources to attend. This is why I stress that you do anything you can to make sure your interview runs smoothly. You worked so hard and spent so much money just to get a chance. Don’t mess it up.

This article is part of the Get into Medical School series. Click on the link if you want more tips and hints about getting accepted into medical school.

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