If you really want to get into medical school …

Finally! Personalized Coaching from the Founder of Medical School Success

… to maximize your chance of getting in, no matter your background.

Dear future-doctor and friend,

Ever since I have been in medical school, I have generously shared about getting in and surviving medical school through my site, Medical School Success. By my writings, I have helped countless people achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor.

Many people have asked me to personally guide them through the maze of getting into medical school. But, I have been very hesitant to offer any 1-on-1 coaching mainly due to my lack of time.

As I approach the 4th year of medical school, I will have a bit more free time. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of my time, expertise, and experience, I will offer personalized coaching to maximize your chance of getting into medical school.

What Is the Offer?

This is a very simple offer: $200 / hour on Skype or e-mail.

How Can I Help You?

Some ways I can help are:

  • determining your chance of getting into medical school
  • choosing the right classes for college
  • choosing the right medical schools
  • figuring out what to write about on the personal statement
  • preparing for medical school interviews
  • creating a schedule of what you need to accomplish and when
  • whatever else you can think of

Why Should You Choose Alex?

There are probably a hundred coaches to get you into medical school. So why choose me?

First, I have gone through the process myself. That eliminates a quarter or a half of the coaches out there. Why would you take advice from someone who did not go through the process?

Second, I have a very non-traditional background and still got into medical school.

  • I went to community college.
  • I did not major in pre-medicine or science.
  • I bombed my first year of college.

If I can do it, why can’t you? So if you are not one of those picture-perfect applicants, with the sky-high GPA and MCAT score, I can help. If you did not have any research or medical extracurricular activities by the time you finished college, I can help. If you worked for awhile and want to change your career course to become a doctor, I can help.

I can give you the best chance of becoming a practicing doctor in the US, even when the odds are against you. 

See What Others Have Said About the Personalized Coaching

Lisa said …

As an undergraduate trying to fit in university requirements, pre-med classes, and extracurricular activities, I found the process of medical school application both intimidating and mysterious. It was difficult to know exactly what to do, despite all the information out there. I found Alex’s website while looking for advice on how to plan for medical school application. Since I felt in the dark about the whole process, I figured asking for help from someone with a nontraditional background who had succeeded would help a lot. This turned out to be very true.

From the first email exchange, I found Alex to be personal and helpful. He answered a lot of my questions via email and offered more advice on skype. He was extremely personable, kind, and helpful, as well as knowledgeable about the medical school application process. Alex looked at my situation in detail. He asked about my school’s requirements, about my own preparation methods, and about my plans to tackle each step of the application process. He worked out a timeline for me to use in the next year and a half, and he helped me figure out a practical way to approach my science professors to ask for recommendations. During the whole conversation, he was attentive and always made sure that all of my questions were answered. I didn’t get the same vague, cookie-cutter advice I find all over the web and at my school’s health advising center. I felt that what I learned was actually applicable to my situation and doable. I could use these methods to talk to my professors, taking into account my introverted personality. He helped me find ways to study well for the MCAT and not hold it off. Though there is a lot of work to do, I felt that the conversation I had with Alex was extremely informative and that I now have a clear direction and set of tasks. I also felt that I got some positive energy that I really needed after talking to him, and that really went a long way. I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone who is serious about getting into medical school, but is lost in the sea of information out there.


If you are interested, send me an e-mail letting me know how I can help you at:




P.S. Although I have a bit more free time, it is still limited. Therefore, please contact me first for availability before paying me.

P.P.S. Buy 2 or more hours and I will throw in my 109-page e-book, How to Get into Medical School: Time-Tested Advice for Anyone to Get Accepted, as a gift. Free! A $29 value!

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