Ross Medical School (Ross): Average MCAT, Class Size, and More

Location and Contact Information:

General Admissions Information:

  • Average GPA: 3.4
  • Average MCAT: 25

Application Tips:

  • Ross has rolling admissions, which means first come first serve. They admit three classes per year. Do not feel rushed to send out the application if you are not ready. You will not have to wait long if you miss one application cycle.

Class Size (per trimester):

  • 400 – 600

Attrition Rate (people who leave and do not graduate from the school):

  • 40% – 50%


  • Ross’ clinical rotations take place predominantly in the US. They have many affiliated hospitals, which are pretty much all over the US. Students have complained about it being hard to secure clinical rotation spots.


  • As of 2011-2012, Ross Medical School’s tuition is $17,000 – $18,000 per trimester. There are a total of 10 trimesters (not semesters). The total tuition for the medical education is $180,000, which is comparable to a private medical school in the US.

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