Saba Medical School (Saba): Average MCAT, Class Size, and More

Saba Medical School

Saba University School of Medicine

Location and Contact Information:

  • Location: Saba, Netherlands Antilles
  • Website: Saba (Saba Medical School)
  • Phone Number: 1-978-862-9600
  • E-mail:

General Admissions Information:

  • Average GPA: N/A
  • Average MCAT: N/A

Application Tips:

  • Saba has rolling admissions, which means first come first serve. They admit three classes per year: September, January, and May. Do not feel rushed to send out the application if you are not ready. You will not have to wait long if you miss one application cycle.

Class Size (per trimester):

  • 80 – 100

Attrition Rate (people who leave and do not graduate from the school):

  • 40% – 50%


  • Saba’s clinical rotations take place predominantly in the US. They have some affiliated hospitals, which pretty much all over the east coast of the US. There clinical selections are not as broad as the other three Caribbean medical schools. But then again, it has a smaller class than the other three. There have been complaints from students about it being hard to secure clinical rotation spots.


  • As of 2011-2012, Saba’s tuition is $11,000 per trimester. There are a total of 10 trimesters. The total tuition for the medical education is $110,000, which is comparable to a public medical school in the US.In fact, the tuition is a bit cheaper than my school’s tuition (even though I attend a public medical school). Because of its low tuition, if I applied to Caribbean medical schools, Saba Medical School would one of them. However, the school is not eligible for US federal loans. Funding for tuition would be hard to come by or expensive.As of July 2013, Saba is eligible for US federal loans.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this article in 2011 or 2012. A lot of the statistics could have changed since then. However, I do not have a better impartial source comparing all the schools, which is why I resorted to some random AUC student’s blog as a source of data for class size and attrition rate. It may or may not be accurate. Do your own research when choosing a Caribbean school. And if you can, go to an American medical school — DO or MD.)

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picture source: Jon Loreche

This article is part of the Get into Medical School series. Click on the link if you want more tips and hints about getting accepted into medical school.


  1. haitham baghdadi says:

    Hi, my daughter wants to enroll in a medical school with american syllabus in the fall of 2016.
    Would appreciate your guidance about the total cost including the dorm, accreditation and acceptance in the US for specialization after graduation. are there any scholarships/financial aids?
    She is of Syrian nationality and resident in Saudia Arabia.
    Thanks a lot
    Dr.Haitham Baghdadi

  2. Hello from New York City, I actually posses an interest to apply to SABA but, what I find very unattractive are their attrition rate, and rotation issues. These medical school must understand that we are consumers first, potential students to their institution second.

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