SDN Interview Guide: How to Prepare for School-Specific Questions

This interview guide will show you how to navigate the SDN interview feedback to find the interview questions asked by each medical school. You can click on any of the images below for a bigger picture.

sdn interview guide - step 1

Step 1. Choose the school type (see the red arrow on where to click). The two main types of interests are allopathic medical school and osteopathic medical school.

sdn interview guide - step 2

Step 2. Scroll down to the school you want. The schools are listed alphabetically. Click on the number under the interview feedback column for the school you are interested in (see the red arrow on where to click).

sdn interview guide - step 3

Step 3. The basic info section of the interview section automatically shows up. It is like a general survey of the interviewees’ impression of the school. We are more concerned about the questions the school asks during the interview. So scroll down and click on the questions bar (see the red arrow on where to click).

sdn interview guide - step 4

Step 4. Profit! In the questions section, you will get a feeling for what the interview is like: the length, the number of interviewers, and the questions asked.

You will also notice a last section on the very bottom for tour and travel. That section reveals how other students traveled for the interview. You can also see how much other students spent for their interviews. Use that information in conjunction with the medical school interview cost section to help you better plan your trip.

Give Back!

Again, the interview feedback is a goldmine so do use it to its full potential.

After the medical school interviews, don’t forget to add your own experience so others could benefit from your experience, just as you have benefited from the experiences of those before you.

This article is part of the Get into Medical School series. Click on the link if you want more tips and hints about getting accepted into medical school.

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