Introducing the NEW System that Teaches You How to Study …

Get Straight A’s,
Make the Dean’s List,
and Never Forget
What You Have Learned

Dear student and friend,

Having trouble getting the grades that you want?

Isn’t it funny that you have been in school for pretty much all your life and no one has ever taught you how to study? You are pretty much on your own. You either make it or you don’t.

Sure, the teachers would throw information at you, but do they stick? Most likely not.

Do you even remember the materials you have learned a year ago? Most likely not.

Hi! I’m Alex, a medical student, author, and webmaster of Medical School Success. I have written about 100 articles regarding getting in and surviving medical school. (Please, take some time to view my website. The link will open in a new window.)

And I have been in your shoes, feeling clueless and forgetful.

Don’t feel bad though. Countless students are in the same boat at you because …

The Traditional School System Is Outdated

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You go to class. A hundred other people are in the same class. The teacher lectures and you try to listen. You try so hard to pay attention but nothing is making sense. Maybe you even dozed off a little. Then you go home and try to do the homework, but it does not make sense. And finally, the night before the exam, you freak out because you don’t know anything.

Well, friend, that is how I felt in the beginning of medical school. I was not a person to the school, but just a number. The teachers were not talking to me, but at me.

You and I are on our own when it comes to our education.

The traditional school system, with lectures and exams, was not developed for your benefit. It was developed for the school’s benefit. This system allows the school to “teach” while spending as little money as possible.

The students who thrive under this system does not do so because of their school, but in spite of it.

And in spite of my school, I thrived. How? By creating a new study system.

The Creation of a New Study System

During my first year of medical school, I had to adapt … fast! So I created a study system for the 21st century. Not only did I learn the materials better, my scores jumped from 70’s to 90’s.

After 2 years and over $100,000, my study system is close to perfection.

Listen. This new study system works, even if your school sucks. Why?

Because it will allow you to take control of your education. You will study smarter, instead of studying harder, because you will be able to take full advantage of today’s technology.

I promise you that if you have a computer and basic computer skills, you will be able to use the new study system.

What My Study System Will Offer You

1. You will increase your grades while being more efficient.

It will show you how to use your computer, along with free-and-trusted software, to get spectacular grades (A’s) while being more efficient. Get more while spending less time.

Let me give you an example of being more efficient.

Imagine you are in medical school and you want to review your notes on pneumonia. Under the old, traditional way of studying, you would dig out your old notes. Then you would try to remember which lecture covered pneumonia. And finally, you would flip through pages and pages of notes to find what you are looking for.

This could take several minutes.

Or, you would flip to the index of a book, and flip to the pages about pneumonia.

This could take less time, about a minute or so.

But with my study system, page flipping will be outdated. Why should you search through your notes when the computer can do it for you? The system will teach you how to bring up what you are looking for by entering “pneumonia” or whatever else you are looking for in the search bar.

This will bring up the information within seconds.

Now this example is just one of the many ways to save time on studying. Imagine what you can do with more time.

  • Have a social life.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Master a subject.

If you choose to master a subject, you will find your notes faster and more easily. You can review your notes more efficiently. And you will get better grades — guaranteed.

You can get the grade that you want, to get into the college of your dreams. Or to get into medical school, business school, law school, or whatever graduate school. And ultimately, get the life that you desire.

Yes, this system is not limited by field. If learning involves any type of reading, it will work wonders for you.

2. You will never forget what you have learned.

Memorization is the lowest form of intelligence. But unfortunately, most school these days embrace this form of intelligence. Can you remember the last time your exam was not based on memorization?

Well, this system brings you away from memorization.

It will show you how to turn your computer into a personal digital library. It will show you how to turn your smart phone into a personal digital library.

You will never again forget what you have learned because the information will be within reach.

If you give me 5 minutes, I can teach you any of my lectures that I have had in medical school. I will never forget what I have learned.

And neither will you.

Without forgetting what you have learned, your education will never be useless.

3. You will save money, save space, and save trees.


By studying on the computer, you will rarely need paper nor highlighters. If you are the type of person who needs to print out your notes and highlight them, you are probably spending hundreds of dollars a year.

Therefore, switching to this system will save you hundreds of dollar a year.

Using less paper means you will not need as much space to store your notes.

In addition, it is good for the environment as you will be killing (ehh.. maybe that was a bit too harsh), or rather, using up fewer trees.

So basically, you will have more money in your pockets, more space in your room, and more peace-of-mind (and less guilt) by using this study system.

NEW E-book Will Teach You How to Study

The Secret of Studying: How to Get Straight A's While Memorizing Less

The 77-page e-book, The Secret of Studying: How to Get Straight A’s While Memorizing Less, will teach you everything about this new study system.

You will learn about:

  • the 3 most common digital files
  • the software you will need to open the files (free options are included, so you do not have to spend additional money if you do not want to)
  • why you will never need a highlighter again
  • the many ways to increase efficiency in your studies
  • the 80/20 rules of study (if you only want to implement a few of my advice)
  • how to take good notes
  • how to turn your notes into an e-book
  • how to fit all your notes into the palm of your hand
  • and much, much more.

There is also a bonus chapter on my exact study tips for medical school. These study tips helped me to get mostly A’s for my first year of medical school.

Act Now and Take Advantage of the Low Price

So how much do you think something like this should cost? (Remember, I spent 2 years and $100,000 to come up with this system.)

  • Would you spend $1,000 (just 1% of what I spent) to essentially guarantee your future?
  • How about $500 to get you into the school of your dreams?
  • Is $100 a good deal to get straight A’s in any field?

The answer to the above questions is a resounding:


But I have decided to make my study system very affordable. You can learn my study system in its entirety for:


That is correct. I hold nothing back. You will learn everything about this system for the price of a meal in a decent restaurant.

Why am I offering the e-book so inexpensively? Because I want you to succeed in school and in life. If you choose to better yourself, I want to help you with that. With a price that screams out, “VALUE,” and a 90-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee, you cannot lose. You can only gain, if you buy.

If you are interested, do not delay. Because I guarantee you that the price will only go up.

ORDER NOW by clicking on the “add to cart” button.

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90-Days, Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee


90 day guarantee

Most e-books are filled with fluff that are absolutely meaningless. But I guarantee you that this e-book is filled with action-taking steps that you can implement today!

I will not give you general, useless advice like “study smarter and not harder.”

I will show you exact steps on how to study smarter.

You will not find a book or e-book out there like this one, because this study system is something I have personally created and have personally used.

I believe in this so much that you can try it out, risk-free, for 90-days.

Take 90 days to implement my system and see if it works for you.

If you follow the exact steps in my e-book (that has got me through medical school), and if you are not seeing results (more efficient studying, better grades, or less reliance on memory), let me know and I will refund you the money. Hassle-free!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

See What Others Have Said About My Study System

Alisia said …

I’m nearing the middle of my third week of second year of NatMed (Naturopathic Medicine), and feel that my note-taking process in class has really simplified from university, and my first semester of this program. I attribute this to a system I read about by Alex (the founder of, and author of  The Secret of Studying: How to Get Straight A’s While Memorizing Less).  As I mentioned in a post written during my first year, I was adjusting to the volume of classes and increase in information I was learning. One of the biggest components of my learning curve in first year involved becoming efficient with my time, and prioritizing information, while allowing the most pertinent information to stand out.

Although I am still figuring out my peak study times, along with the best ways to integrate the information I am learning this term, note-taking is the first step to taking the prize bits of knowledge in class, which can then be studied later, and referred to when I’m in practice.  The key tools I’ve taken away from Alex’s study system are:

  • Laptops
  • PDF’s
  • Scanning
  • Backup!

Read Alisia’s full post about my study system here.

Tiffany said …


I am so happy with my purchase! I am whizzing through this e-book thanks to all the fundamental and straightforward guidance inside.
Thank you, Alex.


The free Foxit Reader I installed tonight 30 Jan 2014 had default toolbar: ribbon mode. If you want to follow Alex’s instructions for learning the function of his favorite toolbar- first change the toolbar to the format used in his instructions: classic tool bar mode.
Go to: file > change toolbar mode > classic toolbar mode.

You Are Now at a Crossroad …

and there are only three paths you can take.

Road #1. You can ignore this offer and do nothing. It is the road of least resistance — easy and lazy. But you will not be any better off.

Road #2. You can come back to this offer sometime in the future. At least you are taking some time to thinking about the risk and reward. But I warn you that too much thinking often leads to inaction. Most likely, you will end up in the same destination as road #1: nowhere.

And if you are among the few 1% who take action, you could miss out on the deal and find the price higher than before. But if you do decide to take action, nevertheless, you can end up at the same destination as road #3 …

Road #3. You buy the ebook today and implement my study system, at absolutely no risk to you. You become more efficient with your studies. Your grades improve. Your confidence improves. The little that you spent results in the massive rewards for you.

The destination that you end up will be very exciting. You are on your way to fulfill your dreams. You parents are proud of you. Your significant other brags about you to his or her friends.

Don’t laugh, because I am serious. How do you think an accountant with a very limited science background has navigated through the grueling academic requirements of medical school? And if you are not aware, the accountant is me.

If You Decide to Walk on Road #3

Then …

learn my full study system today for only $29!

Your first step is to order the e-book. Then you will read and implement the study system. And as a result, you will reap your rewards.

Once you order, you will receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to download the e-book without delay.

If you have a PayPal account, ordering will be a piece of cake. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still order by credit card. This is what you do:

  1. First, click on the “add to cart” button.
  2. Next, click on the “checkout with paypal” button.
  3. Then, click on the “don’t have a paypal account?” link.
  4. Afterwards, fill in all the appropriate information and click on the “review and continue” button.
  5. Finally, you will be ready to finalize the order.

At this point, there is nothing new I can say. I have done as much as I can to remove all obstacles from your path to success. If you are ready to walk on road #3, put your money where your mouth is and …

ORDER NOW by clicking on the “add to cart” button.

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P.S. You really have nothing to lose when trying out the study system. This study system, which took me more than 2 years and $100,000 to perfect, will get you the results you want (more efficient studying, better grades, or less reliance on memory), or your money back.

It comes with a 90-days, risk-free, guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.S.S. To view the e-book, you will need a PDF reader. If you are using a PC, I would recommend the Foxit Reader. If you are using a Mac, try out the Skim Reader. (Don’t worry, they are both free. The links to the PDF readers will open up in a new window.)


  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you think your study system is effective for people who jot down lots of notes or draw out diagrams? Could you just give more examples of how this system could be useful?

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Kimiko,

      It is very good for jotting down notes. In fact, if you need to jot down lots of notes, this is the perfect study system to do it. I personally use this to study for my medical licensing exam. The system is probably not the best for drawing out diagrams, although drawing some arrows, circles, and squares there and there is no problem at all. In my experience, I did not need to draw out diagrams because they were already in the book. So therefore, the diagrams were already in my notes.

      Regarding details about the study system, think about it this way… Imagine of your favorite text book in electronic format. You can search for any single word in the book just by typing the word in. You can even search your own notes just by typing the word in. You can highlight or underline any part of the book, write notes, etc. You can share the notes with your friends and vice versa. And because your notes just take up a few bytes, you can have years worth of notes in your computer or electronic device. Access to information will not be an issue at all.

      If you organize your notes correctly, it would take you only a few seconds to pull up whatever information you need, even if it was from years ago. Personally, I do this. I pull up notes from years ago and review the materials. It makes my studying a lot faster and enables me to have free time even in the midst of hardcore study preparations.

  2. Hilda Manson says:

    Hi Alex

    I am interested in your study system, but wonder if it is for college students taking any courses as well.
    Thank you.

    Hilda Manson.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Hilda,

      The study systems works for college as well. If I was back in college, I would study using my study system. I would guarantee that my grades would have been even higher than it was. Worst case, if it does not work for you, you can ask for your money back. So there is no risk to you.

  3. Candice Joseph says:

    Hi I am currently having difficulties in medical school academically , and I have the tendency of just thinking everything is correct in the text book and becoming overwhelm.. I am very tired of memorizing..

  4. Is there any chance I could have a preview of the book before buying? And is the money back offer a feature of Paypal or just on trust between us? I’ll interested in buying but I’m a minor and my dad is very cautious about online purchases. Thanks!

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Cathy,

      The refund is based on trust. But when I issue a refund, it is through Paypal.

      The few people who have requested a refund received it without any problems. I make my money by being a doctor. This is just a little something on the side. It really isn’t worth it for me to rip you off, especially not for something as little as a few dollars.

  5. hi
    i am a third yr med student and have been failing the boards. i missed by one point when i used first aid lectures and their workbook. but when i did practice questions i failed by 10 points. what practice questions are you saying to use?

    • Hey Joy,

      If you’re taking USMLE, use USMLE World or Kaplan Qbank.

      If you’re taking COMLEX, use Combank or COMQUEST.

  6. sorry i meant DIT lectures and workbook which uses first aid.

  7. Hi, I am a first year med student from EU. While being in high school my preferred learning style was writing. And now I can’t take too much benefit from my learning style in med school, so do you think that your system will help me?

    • Hey Habibullo,

      If you study using a computer or laptop, my study system will help you. That is how I personally got through medical school.

  8. Hi and thanks for ur respond. I mainly use printed version of lecture notes.

  9. Hi Alex,

    Are you a doctor now? Why are you unfavorable about being a doctor and why would you have done it different? With all your brain and hard work, what else would you have done for work?

  10. Hi Alex,

    What college and med school did you attend? I’m highly considering going ivy league.

    • Hi Sean,

      I didn’t go to brand-name schools. I got my bachelors from a state university. I did my per-requisites in a local community college. Frankly, I don’t think the school is that important. (It may even be easier to get a higher GPA in a less competitive school.)

  11. Hi,

    I am so happy with my purchase! I am whizzing through this e-book thanks to all the fundamental and straightforward guidance inside.
    Thank you, Alex.


    The free Foxit Reader I installed tonight 30 Jan 2014 had default toolbar: ribbon mode. If you want to follow Alex’s instructions for learning the function of his favorite toolbar- first change the toolbar to the format used in his instructions: classic tool bar mode.
    Go to: file > change toolbar mode > classic toolbar mode.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you for letting me know how much you loved the e-book. It is people like you that motivate me to continue spending time updating the site.

      If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

  12. Veronika says:

    Hi Alex,

    thank you for inventing such a nice tool. However, I still have some doubts. I hope you don´t mind me asking few questions. How come it could cost you 100.000 dollars in 2 years? What were the costs? And can I use it while studying French language at college?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Veronika,

      This study system will help. But learning a language is a bit different than studying other subjects. To get good at French, you just have to keep on using it. Speak in French. Write in French. Maybe even go to France.

  13. Mathew George says:

    Hey Alex,

    I’m a high school student from Canada going into my final year (grade 12). How effective would this study method be for me for subjects that are theory based? (Like biology, psychology etc.). My aim in life is to be a practicing physician for the less fortunate.

    I was thinking if you could give me a demo of this study method so that just incase if this study method did not cooperate with my style of learning, I do not need to bother you for any refunds and such.

    One thing I do promise, if I like it, I buy it 😛

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Mathew,

      This is the study method I got through medical school. So if it is good enough to get through medical school and pass the national exams, it should be good enough for biology and psychology.

      I don’t know how to give you a demo. The best I can offer is to buy it, try it out, and if you don’t like it … let me know.

  14. I want to know How I can return the book if I’m not satisfied?

  15. Hey Alex, I just brought your e-book and I’m excited to read it! I’m a third year college premed with below average grades so I’m really hoping this will help me. I’m pretty much desperate and will try anything. Your website is really helpful. I, like you never thought about being a doctor growing up, until I decided when I was 19 to enroll in college and now here I am, and struggling badly. I’m at my witts end, you really are my last hope. Thanks a lot for running this site and writing your e-books.

  16. Sharon Ekume says:

    I am in my first year of Med school and semester 1 was the hardest. I graduated with honors in my class and after the first semester I started to question perhaps med school is not for me. Making lots of notes helped me in College (I mean like a print out my notes and wrote on them). I don’t know how to study smarter and filter out what I don’t need because I always feel like I need everything.
    How will this helped me study well with materials on the computer? since I have always printed material and make notes on them. ( I don’t know how to study well with computer or materials online)

    • Hey Sharon,

      At the very least, your notes will be much easier to carry (and you’ll save a lot of trees). It will also be easier to retrieve information that you have learned throughout medical school.

      Look … if things are not working out the way you want them to, it is silly to keep on doing what you’ve been doing. You’ll most likely get the same results if you don’t change your ways.

      When I was in college, all my notes were on paper. But I had to force myself to studying using the computer because there was way too much to learn. Learning by paper was inefficient.

  17. Hi Alex, 🙂
    I’m in my second year of med school in the UK (pre-clinical, basically), and struggling. 🙁
    I’m interested in purchasing your e-book, but just one question: Is it still relevant even after 2 years post-publication?
    And.. is it the same is the ‘How to get straight As without working your butt off’ book?
    I’m willing to try anything and everything to get me through med school.
    I really just want to get my first two years of pre-clinical studying done with, before I can get to hospital rotations – actually doing something.
    But – I need to properly know my stuff before poking needles into patients, which I am clearly struggling with.


    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Lorelei,

      The two books are different. The one on Amazon is a book on the fundamentals of studying. The e-book is an advanced system of studying, which I am still using today.

      I would recommend both books. The e-book will really help you sort through and retain all the endless knowledge a doctor needs to know.

  18. Hi.

    I am a med student in Kenya. Am I also compatible with the program? I would really like to get it.


  19. Monique Flournoy says:

    I am in school to be Sonographer I will be learning about AB and small parts, OB/GYN, and vascular pathology and other things. I feel like I am in medical school. How will your ebook help with learning directional terms and pathologies of various body parts? I am seriously thinking of purchasing right away.

    • Alex Ding says:

      The ebook doesn’t give you study tips for specific courses. Rather, it teaches you how to study and how to retain massive amounts of information — which includes medical courses. It works because it is how I go through medical school and passed my national licensing exams.

  20. Hi Alex,

    With the software you talk about, will I be able to make changes to my notes on my iPad and my laptop and it syncs up?


  21. Hey Alex, im interested in buying your book but regarding the billing can i just use a credit card without this whole paypal thingy…because the card is my dad’s and I only have the card information while its with him in another country

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Omar,

      You can buy it without a PayPal account. This is what you do:

      1. First, click on the “add to cart” button.
      2. Next, click on the “checkout with paypal” button.
      3. Then, click on the ”don’t have a paypal account?” link.
      4. Afterwards, fill in all the appropriate information and click on the “review and continue” button.
      5. Finally, you will be ready to finalize the order.

  22. Hi Alex,

    I am a homeschooling mother of a 10th grade, aspiring doctor. I’m trying to equip her with every possible tool I can to help her succeed. Do you think that your study system is something that can help her at this point or is it more geared toward an individual that is already in college? And do you have any other suggestions that may benefit her in preparing herself for the road ahead?

    • Hey Alise,

      The study system is geared for college and up.

      However, she can check out the Amazon book, which works for all levels of schooling.

  23. Hi ! I wonder if your tips would work for a med student from Brazil (because we may have the same subjects but the learning may be a bit different).

  24. Omolade Abidoye says:

    I am just wondering if this book will help me memorise things faster and easier.
    I am in first year medical school and in my 2nd week and it’s been quite difficult already.

  25. Kimberly Hilaire says:

    Hi Alex,
    I have been barely passing my medical school classes. I’ve been trying to memorize information off power point slides and spend hours in the library. Memorizing that much information is time consuming and headache inducing. Will your program help manage my time, help me retain the information I have learned and add more and will it also help my grades go up?

    • Yes. Start with the “How to Get Straight-A’s Without Working Your Butt Off” Kindle book to learn the basics. And then “The Secret of Studying” for more advanced study methods … the same ones I used to get through medical school and pass all of my national licensing exams on the first try.

  26. I was viciously attacked by a sociopathic surgeon at mass genetal. I was in shock for a long time because of the trauma. His name is . I live with injuries after I collapsed on the floor. He pounded me with the needle after the injection. He lies to everyone. And the hospital protects him

  27. If I get in I am DEF getting this! By far one of the most helpful sites I have been on!

  28. Carolina says:

    Is anyone a MAC user? I tried to download skim, but was unable to do so.

  29. Hi Alex,
    I was wondering if this system can be helpful even thought I am currently studying medicine in another country?

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hi Valery,

      My system is useful if you read and take notes on the computer. To this day, I still use my study system because it works!

  30. Will your method work if I take my notes on a tablet with a stylus? I like to write my notes on digital files.

  31. Hi Alex
    the books you recommended for med school can be downloaded as e book?

  32. Hi Alex,
    I like your website and I think it was extremely helpful. I went ahead and bought your book “How To Get Into Medical School”. I purchased this with the thought that I would gain some valuable information that would actually help me get into medical school. I am 19 years old and a senior at my University. I am in the top 10% of my class and I worry everyday with the fear of not getting into medical school. I feel paranoid and anxious almost everyday because my education and my determination to go to medical school is like the air I breath. I want this as badly as I want to breath. So I am willing to put every ounce of effort I have to be successful. And when reading your book I did not feel like I gained anything from it. It started off as trying to discourage a student from going to medical school, then your book went on to just discourage the candidate even more. It was like everything had to be almost perfect in order to get accepted. You stress that perfection is the key in a sense. Maybe I read and my thought process missed what you were trying to convey. Anyway I am considering buying this book for study tips. I usually do not memorize anything. I make my own exams, to be exact I usually make 3 exams. A practice exam, a exam that then tests me on the things I did not understand in the practice exam, then a final exam. After that I consistently invest my time in practice questions. I want to buy this book in hopes that it could give me unanswered questions on how to be ready for the MCAT and how to have the best study habits in medical school.
    Thank you.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Savannah,

      You said, “It started off as trying to discourage a student from going to medical school, then your book went on to just discourage the candidate even more. It was like everything had to be almost perfect in order to get accepted.”

      The applicants pretty much have to be perfect in order to gain admission into a US medical school. So think long and hard before spending a lot of time and money to pursue medicine because once you start, you will have spent too much time and money to turn back.

      But if you decide to pursue it nevertheless, the book will guide you on how to get in. It was based on how I got into medical school.

  33. Hy alex how can this your ebook help one from not being forgetful (forget what he or she has read)……….. And how can i purchase the book

  34. Jaimisha Chaudhari says:

    Hey Alex, I want to buy your e-book but all this paypal thing is not accepting me credit card info. Can you please help me with that ?

  35. Hy Alex…Am in nigeria…Am about to enter my first year in medical school but I want to know how I can purchase that e-book for learning cause am an average student with low self esteem and I really wanna make it through to make my mom proud

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