Caribbean Medical Schools Ranking: Which Schools Are Best?

Succeeding even in top Caribbean medical schools will be difficult. Go to the Caribbean medical school sections for the reasons why it will be a tough road to doctorhood.

That is why it is imperative to find out which of the top 4 schools you should attend. You want to pick a school that gives you the highest chance to become a doctor.

If you fail to do so, you will lose several years (the years preparing for medical school and years during medical school) and hundreds of thousands of dollars. So which school is the best?

Ranking Criteria

The ranking of the top Caribbean medical schools were determined based on the following criteria for 2011-2012, from most important to least important:

  • drop-out rate
  • availability of rotations
  • tuition
  • class size
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Remember not to choose a medical school based on how much you will enjoy the place as a vacation. You are here to study!

Drop-Out Rate

The drop-out rate is the most important criteria because you will need to graduate from medical school before you can become a doctor.

In addition, it is an indication of how much the school cares for its students. When the school accepts you, does it really believe you have what it takes to become a doctor? Or does it just want you for your money?

The drop-out rates for the top Caribbean medical schools are listed below:

  • St. George Medical School: 10%
  • AUC Medical School: 13%
  • Saba Medical School: 40% – 50%
  • Ross Medical School: 40% – 50%

Availability of Rotations

Availability of rotations is the second most important criteria because it will determine how smoothly your third and fourth year of medical school will go.

If rotational spots are constantly unavailable, it could delay or even impede your path to becoming a doctor. The less you worry about securing spots for rotations, the more time you have to impress your attendings and do well.

The availabilities of rotations for the top Caribbean medical schools are listed below:

  • St. George Medical School: excellent (in fact, they get preferential treatment over other schools)
  • AUC Medical School: good
  • Saba Medical School: fair
  • Ross Medical School: fair

For Saba and Ross, you will get to complete your rotations. But it could be accompanied by wait time and last minutes changes.

Price of Education

Tuition is the third most important criteria.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. Less tuition means less debt which means more money in your pockets. The less debt you have, the better you are able to choose a specialty based on your interests and instead of the accompanying salary. Also, if you drop out, a lower tuition would reduce the damages of school debt.

The total tuitions for the top Caribbean medical schools are listed below:

  • St. George Medical School: $230,000
  • AUC Medical School: $170,000
  • Saba Medical School: $110,000
  • Ross Medical School: $180,000

Although Saba Medical School has the lowest tuition, it is ineligible for US federal loans. Therefore, you will need a private lender to fund the tuition. This results in a higher interest rate on the school loan.

As of July 2013, Saba is eligible for US federal loans.

Class Size

Class size is the least important criteria. I, personally, don’t care much about class size but some people do.

Smaller class size usually means more attention from teachers and a more cohesive class.

The class sizes per trimester for the top Caribbean medical schools are listed below:

  • St. George Medical School: 400
  • AUC Medical School: 100 – 200
  • Saba Medical School: 80 – 100
  • Ross Medical School: 400 – 600

The Winner Is …

The top Caribbean medical schools from best to last are:

  1. St. George Medical School
  2. AUC Medical School
  3. Saba Medical School
  4. Ross Medical School

St. George Medical School is the most expensive, but it maximizes the chance for you to become a doctor. It has the lowest attrition rate and offers the easiest path throughout clinical rotations.

AUC is a solid contender. Its tuition is competitive, its attrition rate is low, there shouldn’t be any problems for securing rotational spots, and its class size is comparatively low.

The main thing goings on for Saba Medical School is its low tuition and small class size. The attrition rate is atrocious, which would be the main deterrent for attending the school.

Ross Medical School doesn’t have any advantages over the other three schools. Its tuition is high, the attrition rate is high, and it has the largest class size. It seems to care about its profits over its students. Do not go here unless you have no other option. Its poor performance has even caught the attention of federal regulators.

How Data Were Acquired

Information about each school’s drop-out rate and class size was obtained from an AUC student’s blog.

The ease or difficulty in securing rotation spots were from Caribbean medical school forums.

Tuition amounts were from the respective school’s website.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this article in 2011 or 2012. A lot of the statistics could have changed since then. However, I do not have a better impartial source comparing all the schools, which is why I resorted to some random AUC student’s blog as a source of data. It may or may not be accurate. Do your own research when choosing a Caribbean school. And if you can, go to an American medical school — DO or MD.)

This article is part of the Get into Medical School series. Click on the link if you want more tips and hints about getting accepted into medical school.


  1. I am a Saba medical student. Great article, but I thought you should know Saba has been recently approved for US federal student loans

  2. Hello,

    Great attempt but most of your facts are outdated if not incorrect. Ross prepared me well for my residency in internal medicine and I do not recall a 50% drop out rate. How do you rank Ross at the bottom when it placed more than 733 students into competitive residency positions last year (2012).

    • Hi Jay,

      I am glad that Ross prepared you for your residency. The data may be outdated, but it is the best I have. If you have better data that compares the big 4 schools, I would be happy to revise my ranking.

      • Sudharsan Sridhar says:

        Hi Alex,
        I am quite confused and I hope you help me out. My sister got admission at Texila American University, Guyana and they proposed a good plan of what their education is, but, now, everything is just a contrary… Bcas she has gone there. Can you please tell me whether the university is good or it is a pure scam… waiting for your reply

        • Alex Ding says:

          Hey Sudharsan,

          I’ve never heard of Texila American University before.

        • sravanthi says:


          Texila is extensively promoted in India, but the quality is debatable. There are few other schools in Caribbean where the quality of education is better and also affordable for Indian students. You can email me for more details

          • Pl let me know which medical schools are good(by rating) in caribbean country(example:corasao)

        • Patience says:

          Hi Sudharsan
          My brother has also been offered 5 year programme in Pharmacy at Texila American University. How is their accreditation and international recognition. Also, how is your sister getting on?

  3. Chidinma says:

    Am Chidinma,a Nigerian. I want to attend a medical school in the carribbean(apart from the big 4) that has a high USMLE rate and at least a 70 percent chances of getting a resident position in US hospitals and also affordable. Please kindly put me through.

  4. Cynthia says:

    hello all d Nigerians here applying to schools in the Caribbean can we all exchange email addresses and help each other and share information. my email add is

  5. Hi,am also a Nigerian looking for a caribbean school to apply also.Please all the Nigerians here let’s share info,my email

  6. Pls am a nigerian, i want to attented a medical university in us, plz i need recomendations that is not costly and tofel or forieng exam is not strongly recomended for international student. Plz email me , am really worried and seroiuse about these. Thanks for your help pals

    • Non US Citizen donot have any change to US medical school rotation or residency. If you planning to spend 300K USD to get a carribean med school to get into US medical system. It’s the wrong track. Only US citizen and Some PR may get into US system

  7. Osato Ekos says:

    pls i’ve completed my undergraduate degree and i’m considering the Carribean medical schools as one of my options. could u tell me if all the schools require applicants have their MCAT and if not all do, which ones require the MCAT and which ones dont… email is

  8. M hemant…got admitted in avalonin curcao..can u please tel me about the school…m really worried dat i chose a wrong option by getting admission for myself in avalon..please let me kno abt d school…whthr itz gud or not..plzz giv me yr persnal opinion on dis school..

  9. I m looking for my daughter university of medicine education in crabian I m confused which one is the suitable

  10. I’m a Nigerian, I wud like more info about st george pls. What is d tuition per year if I may ask. And if u could let me know more about texilla also. Thank you v.much

  11. hi alex.
    what about american university of st vincent and the that a good choice

  12. Hi everyone, how is the success rate of carribean medical university?
    is it the best opyion in curacao island?

  13. steffi nainan says:

    what about st.james medical school at anguilla?

  14. treasuredude says:

    hi, please what can u say about American university of st Vincent, I’m a nigerian trying too apply the school

  15. What about International American University & American International Medical University

  16. This article was paid for by SGU 🙂

  17. My son graduated from Saba University School of Medicine in 2012. He pre-matched for a residency in internal medicine in NC. He is finishing his residency in June and has gotten a job with a major hospital as a hospitalist. His scores on tests were in the 90th percentile compared with US schools. His rotations were in the U.S., including Louisiana, New York, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina and Illinois. I am very impressed with the education my son received at SUSOM.

    • Hello Jean, I am looking a possibly going to med school in the Carribean and noticed that you said that your son attended Saba University. I am wondering if you can give me some information on his thoughts of the University there as compared to U.S. medical schools? Thanks! I’m wondering if your reply will automatically be sent to my email or if I need to give you my email address?
      Thanks again!!

    • Yeah, me too actually. I’m accepted for May 2016. But I’m kinda deterred from the attrition rate… Information on the quality of the rotations and the campus culture, PLEASE!!!

      Congrats on your son’s success. That’s awesome. Great to hear success stories! 🙂

      My email is:

      Thanks so much!

    • hi Jean,

      my name is Ben and I am interested on applying at Saba University. Please email me directly at with any advice regarding the admission process, specifically the MCAT score. Thank you much!

  18. Hi,this is supriya. Actually I want join a university in carrabean .pleasant suggest me the good college

  19. Bhageerath says:

    I am indian.I am confused to select universities in caribbean islands.I selected two medical schools one is st.matthews university in grand cayman.the second one is all american institute of medical sciences(AAIMS) in Jamaica.which would you prefer for me,if I wish to do clinical rotations in usa.

    • Bhageerath, I’d choose St Matthew’s if the choice was mine. The school has a history of putting people into residencies throughout the US (though they do have some negatives I was warned about). Not to mention it’s on one of the most developed Caribbean islands with only a 45-minute flight from Florida (the USA). Other than that, I haven’t researched into the school all that much. I think the best schools to go to in the Caribbean are SGU and Saba (based on my own research).

      Another school you might consider is MUA. If they get California approval soon, they’ll be up there with the SGU, Ross, Saba, and AUC in terms of where their physicians can practice and getting federal aid from the US gov.

      • How dare you! How the fuck is Cayman supposed to be more developed than Jamaica? Jamaica is the most developed country in the Caribbean as it relates to infrastructure, facilities, human capital, and economy. Cay is just a very small, dependent nation. Yes, Jamaica is probably poorer than Cayman in terms of per capita income, but Jamaica is a larger more developed country, by a landslide, than Cayman.

  20. am payal,indian I want to attend a medical school in the carribbean that has a high USMLE rate and at least a 70 percent chances of getting a resident position in US hospitals. Please let me know.

    • St. Georges University offers an excellent American education opportunities. My daughter began her Medical journey in England 2010, followed by Grenada 2011. The medical experience rotations were in the US: NY, & Florida 2014. She matched in surgery the first year, then decided Surgery was not for her. She matched this year at UCONN. Stressful & Expensive long journey, but if your are willing to excel in class, medical experience, and take on the Financial debt, then St. George’s is an excellent opportunity.

  21. How 90 credits for USMLE calculated. Is 12th std of INDIAN students is considerd for USMLE?

  22. b r nagesh says:

    what about american university of barbados. please guide me.

  23. Linda Rosy Njonkou says:

    hello my name is Linda I wanted more info and also how to get into Caribbean medical school I am actually studying in a USA college to get my bachelor of science so I would like more information about the school environment the housing and also the cost of life for those school especially SGU AUC SABA ROSS but anymore info about other medical schools are welcome.
    Thank you

  24. I will be starting at Saba Medical School in January. I am attracted to Saba’s small class sizes and safe island, but am concerned about the high attrition rate. Could anyone please give me more feedback on this? Are the attrition rates really as high as 40-50%? Thanks.

  25. Karen Stafford says:

    Although you rank the schools using attrition rate as one of the factors, one other important factor you have not included is the number / percentage of students dismissed and the number of students who transfer FROM any of these schools to other – either in the Caribbean or in the U. S. This is important because it gives a better picture of possible student success. Even if a school’s attrition rate is listed as only 10% one must ask: is that 10% of the entire original incoming class or is it 10% of what remains of the incoming class? That can make a major difference in how one views the “success” of a school.

  26. Echexona kingsley says:

    A Nigerian, i just got admission at american university of saint vincent .pls if u got admission dat same place lets exchange contacts .my num is 08085894471

    • Hello,
      My name is sushma and im from india.I’m considering to join md in American university of st vincent.Please let me about clinical rotations and residency chances.are there any indian students in that school.

    • Timilehin says:

      Heyyy… Congrats
      I’ll like you to Pls enlighten me on the school. I plan on attending the same school. I guess you are schooling there already
      Thank you

  27. My son got accepted into Windsor college of medicine . Can anyone let me know how is this college and is there any huddle in clinical rotation besides making goo grade in usmle

  28. What about St martinus university? Is it good?

  29. Isaiah Langat says:

    Where are other schools like Caribean Medical School, St. James Medical School, In this List ?

  30. I am a Canadian, looking into some of these schools. I was wondering if they all had professors who speak fluent English? That would be a barrier for sure.

  31. Alex khaleed says:

    Hello. Please I’d like to get some indepth info on the usmle for Windsor and ST George’s and also what are the chances of securing a job in the us after studying in the carribeans?

    • Docteur says:

      I recently got accepted into St George’s . You can see the residency placements on their website. They are good.

      • My son is trying to get in to St George, He is in the process of processing his application to start in January 2017. How hard is it to get in to St George?.
        His MCAT score is 507.

  32. Hi,does anyone know if American University of st vincent is a good school and also All Saints University .I got admission into both schools and confused on the stories i hear about them. pls a reply would be much appreciated.

  33. Hello, I am a medical Student in China. Currently, I am considering moving to the Caribbean to better my medical eduction. Which of the medical schools in the Caribbean do you recommend for me? By the way, I have admission to All Saints University, What do you guys think?

  34. Hello ,
    I’m a Nigerian, I got accepted into SGU and. should start August 2016 but financing the program is my issue, any advice from you out there would be well appreciated. Suggestions too.


  35. Congrats Seth, it’s a great school

  36. Docteur says:

    Dear Future medical students,
    I am an African living in the United States. I recently got accepted into St George’s University school of medicine for the coming semester( fall 2016). After doing extensive ressearch I agree with the information posted here. From the information I got, it’s advisable to get into the big 4 if the student hopes to practice in the US. I chose St. George’s because every information I came across pointed out that St. George’s med school was the best Caribbean med school and the students’residency placements were excellent.
    Any body going to St. George’s here? Good luck every one.

    • Hi Docteur
      My daughter is trying to get into St George this year, can you give me more information about the school since you are already there.

  37. Jaishankar says:

    Wanted to know how good is the American University of Antigua. How is this Med School in comparison with the listed 4 as in terms of individual attributes and chances of securing residency in U.S.

  38. atere peace says:

    Please what about Windsor and Caribbean Medical School?

  39. Sir how’s Spartan health and science university for M.D. program . What’s is usmle clearing rate and hows it’s clinical rotation?

  40. University of the west indies medical is the best in trinidad

    • Actually, UWI Mona (Jamaica) has the oldest and best medical degree progarm in the Caribbean, followed by UWI Trinidad and Barbados. Please do you research!

  41. I’m a Nigerian with International Degree Foundation Program (IDFP). I’m considering studying in Caribbean medical school with less tuition fee,accommodation and good reputation. Pls help

  42. Greetings everyone. Congratulation to everyone who got accepted into the various Caribbean Medical schools. To the students coming from the US and Canada make sure that you would have look into all options available to you in the US and Canada. Take the time to study for MCAT and try to do extremely well and apply to various schools in the US and Canada.(Literally apply to everyone if possible) To the international students, or better put non-us citizens consider cost and other options available make sure its really your final option and you have financially prepared yourself. The Caribbean is really beautiful place to be, ideal for vacation and if you looking for something different. One of the first myth about Caribbean medical schools if you are talking about the top 5, that it is significantly cheaper, that’s a lie. These school are just around the same price range with regards to some US medical school. The class size at some of these schools tops off 600 to 700 students. One has the record of having 804 students in the first semester, from what I have heard it could be higher. I must praise these schools, the quality of information presented is on level with most US schools and in some cases even better. The sad part of these school, there is so much politics behind the scene. Results are often screwed and exams are made to reduced class size. The reality most of the schools have a given quota of clinical spots available to them. I have seen students left and gone to other schools and get 250+. Some of these schools exams are sold and available from upper classmates. Students are deliberately failed and some privilege ones goes through the system. These schools are for profit and most of what is advertise take with a grain of salt. If you are able to keep your head under table, work hard, kiss some ass and always do as the administration wish chances are you would be alright. I have friends with 200,000 to 300,000 debt, that cannot get a residency. Please keep track of all your academic records, print and save, once you get into any issues its always best to have hard copy. Stay out of administrative issues and things that appear unfair, you cannot win with regards to these universities, they assemble a formidable team of lawyers. They are other schools with much cheaper tuition and talk of being accredited. Please do your research, some of them are plain scams draining money from students. Once you come from these schools, you would have a 2 to 3 years waiting period for residency. Once possible do an online masters degree, something that would enhance your CV and get some volunteer work with your CV. All the best with your studies in the Caribbean and I wish you all success.

    • So you got this info from who? US Medical schools are rejecting top students and you are discouraging these students with ” I heard ” state facts please.
      Not all of them have the class size you stated lease rad the article, it gave the pros and cons.

  43. So like I’m about to come to the carribean to school an d like I’m going to st lucia I’m looking for a female nigerian roommate that is also going to st lucia in September 2016 to read medicine I’m considering staying at samara apartments or one of the apartments but just contact me so we could work it out thank you .and I also want to know general things on the carribean life for a med student of course thank you.

    • hi. what school in st. Lucia are you going? i am a nigerian looking to study medicine in the caribbean. please mail me

    • chiamaka says:

      am Nigerian seeking admission in any of the reputable Caribbean universities to study medicine, pls I need information on how to go about the admission processing. hope to hear from you soon. thanks and God bless

  44. shashikar says:

    please tell abt spartan medical science university

  45. chukwuemeka says:

    Good morning people, am a graduate nurse from Nigeria seeking to study medicine either in st George’s or AUS. Urgently need to speak to someone who either has been there via same path or similar path. Anyone with enough info would do fine.. thanks a lot

    • Hai chukwuemeka
      Have you undertook MCAT?…cause u might be needing the scores for getting to SGU or AUC or ROSS or SABA ..[big 4]

  46. Dear all,

    The best medical school in the Caribbean is The University of the West Indies. Hands down. Period! These offshore medical schools are for those who can’t get into regular medical schools in the North America, Europe and the Caribbean. How dare the author of this blog ranks medical schools in the Caribbean and left out The University of the West Indies, which offers an Oxbridge medical degree! Getting into a UWI medical degree program isn’t only highly competitve, but the degree itself allows you to work in Europe and prepares you to absolutely floor the UMLS exam.

  47. Hi guys,
    Im from india and im willing to join American University of Barbados. Can u guys tell me anything about this school.

  48. Unfortunately, the only reputable medical schools in the Caribbean are Tier 1 (SGU>AUC>ROSS>SABA).. I believe AUA was also added to this list recently at 5th place.

    All other medical schools are a SCAM!!!!! Sorry folks, its hard enough to get residency at the Big 4 (now 5). My best suggestion, look at your pereqs, retake any courses you have failed in basic sciences, take the MCAT, and then apply to Tier 1. That’s basically the only way you have a chance of getting a US residency spot. Good luck everyone!

  49. hey… pls am somto from Nigeria…i have just finished my undergraduate studies and obtained my bachelor of physiotherapy… I want to go to Caribbean med school. pls advice on which school to choose

  50. Chukwuebuni Hannah onyebuchi says:

    Hi I am buchi a Nigerian and going to Spartan health sciences university I will like to know if it will be easy to get rotations in the us please mail me @

    • Hi. I’m Chizuru from Nigeria. I’ll be concluding my premedical programme to obtain a degree in Biochemistry this year. Please I’m looking for medical schools in the Caribbean that I can apply to with my transcript? My email is Thanks

  51. Ashley Palmer says:

    Hey I’m currently considering Trinity School of Medicine in Saint Vincent. Can anyone give me information on it, is it a good school, residency matches, etc?

    • My daughter is considering Trinity Med College, St. Vincent – notice it’s not in your Tier 1 / Big 4 Med School Ranking ??? IT seems to have all the US accreditations & high placement for residency matching, so would appreciate any information that you can share re: same?

    • Hi Ashley, Janet,

      (Full disclosure before I dive in, I work at Trinity School of Medicine.)

      I don’t want to speak for the author, but I’m happy to weigh in until they swing around!

      Most rankings out there only focus on the “big four” and re-ordering them. It makes a kind of sense: these are established med schools in the Caribbean, so writing a piece that helps students parse the differences between them is valuable for prospective students. The author here did a great job of carefully researching the differences between the four schools and providing some insight.

      We are humbly of the opinion that these schools are not the only option out there, though, not anymore, at least. And because there are no “official” rankings out there, just dutiful people like the author researching what they already know of and trust, we are often left out.

      (Note: With respect to the author, their piece was first written around 2012-2013, a lot has changed since then, especially for Trinity. At that point, we were only graduating our second class, so including us in these rankings would have been a bit odd).

      So, as a quick overview: our whole goal is to provide an education for students that want a smaller environment while providing great opportunities and outcomes. It’s clear you already know a lot about us, but I’m happy to run down the criteria the author selected to evaluate and offer a brief overview of where we fit in.

      Attrition (drop out) rate: 12%

      Availability of rotations: We have core and elective rotations available for every student that enrolls at Trinity. There is 100% availability, and the entire schedule is provided to students at the start of basic sciences. The guess work and waiting is out of the equation for students. (Also, 100% of our rotations are available in Baltimore, Maryland, although students are free to pursue electives elsewhere if they find a particularly interesting opportunity).

      Tuition: $142,500 USD
      Now that our accreditation (CAAM-HP of St. Vincent) has been recognized by the US Department of Education as comparable to the USMLE, we are currently in the process of securing our Title IV approval, but we are also of the opinion that our private loan partners provide a better deal for students than federal loans (usually to the tune of around $12,000+ in savings) and intend to remain with them for the foreseeable future.

      Also, because it comes up a lot: our California approval process is kicking off this year. New York is following shortly thereafter. (New York’s medical board approval has more to do with teaching than it does practicing medicine, and our US-based teaching hub is in Baltimore, MD). We also already have students securing residencies and practicing in New York, which is why we opted to pursue California first.

      That was a lot of information to put on someone else’s blog, so I’ll stop there. However,
      if you (or anyone else) have any questions or would like to see sources on any of this info, just shoot an email to: admissions (dot) advisor (at) trinitysom (dot) org

      • charles says:

        I find your post a bit strange Drew. Getting California approval takes longer and is harder than New York accreditation, how can your school focus on that first? if what you are saying is true.
        2. Your school is not New York accredited, how can your students get residency in New York, when New York requires the students of schools not accredited to only be way from the home university for 12 weeks, getting residency is just not possible. Please stop telling prospective students lies to get their money, sell your school based on its strengths and not on fiction.

  52. Good day,

    I am considering Saba University but concerned about its attrition rate. What would you think is the main contributor to this?

  53. Opemipo says:

    hello, i am a nigerian,studying public health and will be graduating next year june by the grace of God, i am considering all saints university for my medical career because of the low cost compared to the top 5, please is this university good and how is their residency program like? how good is the school in general? my mail is

  54. Hey i just got admitted into Xavier university in Aruba. I think Saba is where i want to apply to but the MCAT is not available to take in my country in western africa. please i need information on Xavier university should I pursue it or just get my MCAT and apply to Saba. please which countries in western Africa can i take the MCAT. who has more information or advice can email

  55. Timilehin says:

    Hiiii , I am considering America and of St Vincent…. What do you guys think about the school

  56. Simone Noel says:

    What about AUA Medical School, do you have any stats on that? AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ANTIGUA(AUA)

  57. Hi,
    Am thinking of AUA or Asparn, but I worry about the post I read about AUA being known for malpractices and how it has caused stigma for their graduates after school.
    Is that true?

    Am most interested in a school with Academic excellence, that teaches well and make sure students excel. Which of these two represent That? And any other carribean med school that is known for academic excellence.

    I will appreciate a feedback. Thanks

  58. For St George’s they are accepting about 1000 students per term, there is no housing and the attrition rate is way higher probably at 50%. A few people leave but due to policy changes that happen midterm they get rid of many people according to how many clinical positions stay open. They are losing hospitals and are accepting more students. Just a heads up to anyone applying, this article is either really old or they have not done their homework well. St George’s is a great school if you can get beyond how misleading they can be. I was a student there and made it very far. The school if you can get through is a great school but consider that is a big if. I am only giving you the perspective that you get after your first big exam. They have changed the curriculum and made it systems based but have not ironed out the kinks. It is the number 1 for profit school in the Caribbean but I am not sure it is the best option. I’ve seen people held back because they rightfully argued about unfair questions on an exam or a professor stating wrong information in class. Many ideas you may have about a school that cares about you is false advertisement. They want the money and you want a degree, so if you can deal with that pressure and with that shady kind of system congratulations and good luck!

  59. Please can someone talk about American University of St. Vincent please u can email me also

  60. hi..anybody got studied in avalon in coracao pls inform retrition rate, clinical rotations and residency chances. kindly mail to me

  61. my name is micheal ,am currently a medical student in china but want to transfer to all saint medical school saint vincent….i need advice about the school …..anyone can email me @…

  62. Information on American University and Caribbean University please write me on my mail id
    I can give some current information on medical and other courses..

  63. How good is the american medical university of st vincent? Want to go there. The fees are very good, $2500 per semester. Does the school really exist? I want to know.

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