Why Is Medicine the Way It Is?

Subject: Why does the current medical system suck so much?

So many doctors (and doctors-to-be) are disillusioned with the healthcare system. Do you ever question why?

Why do you need to finish college before starting medical school?

Why is medical school 4 years? Why can’t it be shorter?

Why is medical school so expensive? Why is tuition increasing every year?

Why are there 4 licensing exams? Why can’t there just be 1 licensing exam?

Why does it cost more than $500 to take an exam on a computer?

Why do you have to memorize, when information is so easily accessible?

Why does medical school overload you with information, most that you’ll never use for the rest of your life?

Why is residency 3 years or more? Why can’t it be shorter?

Why is residency training so depressing? Why can’t it be happy and enjoyable?

Why do you have to get a different medical licenses for each state, instead of one license for the whole country?

Why do you need to get board-certified?

Why do you need to pay so much money (thousands of $$$) to get board-certified?

Why do you rely on insurance companies and the government to get paid?

Why is primary care reimbursed less than specialized care?

Why aren’t you rewarded fairly for your hard work (and for your huge financial investment in your education)?

Why are you losing power to lawyers, politicians, and big insurance companies?

Why are there so many middlemen between you and your patients? Why can’t you cut out the middlemen?

Why is there so much bureaucracy?

Why do you accept so much useless paperwork?

Why does the healthcare system prey on the hard-working person, one who is too rich to receive government insurance and too poor to buy private insurance?

Why don’t you rebel against the broken system?

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